These 4 Actions of a Boyfriend Will Make a Girl Look Good

Love is warm, the heart will be sweet, not only men need face in love, women also need face. Warm-hearted behavior proves that you love her and respect her, which will make a girl’s heart bloom like a flower and treat your love more proactively. At the same time, she will give back more love.

So what actions would make your girlfriend look good? Today I will share it with you.


Pledge your sovereignty to his friends and ask them to take care of her.
When you fall in love, many girls will be particularly concerned about whether you bring her into your circle, whether you make your relationship public, whether you introduce her to your friends, family, co-workers, etc., because this represents her status and importance in your mind.
If you are able to hold her hand openly and honestly and introduce her to your friends that this is my girlfriend, let them take care of her more in the future, and think of her and protect her in every way, in front of your friends and family, just like Lu Zhiang protects Yan Mo, and Donghua Dijun protects Fengjiu, you are like a very warm central air conditioner to her, but only warm fro her.
No matter where she is, as long as she looks at you, she can see your eyes full of love, heart and eyes full of her, this moment is enough to make her heartbeat…….
This kind of pledge of sovereignty, care and love in front of your friends will make a girl look good and be glad that she found such an awesome boyfriend.

Never stingy with her and the people she cared about.
“Honey, you don’t have enough pocket money? I’ll transfer it to you.

It’s your favorite, you must order it, here you go, eat it while it’s hot.

Don’t be reluctant to buy the clothes and cosmetics you need, and tell me if you don’t have enough money.

When she goes out to play, you always tell your girlfriend to be careful, so that she doesn’t get the slightest bit of aggravation. She is careless and always loses something. You always help her prepare full travel items as much as possible;

she doesn’t eat well or is on a diet and you are afraid she won’t eat well and always order takeaways for her to be delivered to the office or order a big box of snacks to be delivered to the office every now and then.

She always receives a gift from you on each Valentine’s Day, each of your specific holidays, whether it’s expensive or not, the key is the heart.
Going out to dinner with her girlfriends and friends, you pay the bill well before the meal is over, so that her friends and girlfriends will find you gentlemanly and polite, generous and not stingy.
You treat her parents well. You always pick out gifts that are appropriate and pleasing to the elderly on various holidays, and you are especially good at chatting with the elders and cheering them up.
You’ve never been mean to her or anyone she cares about, and you’ve always been able to handle everything well. Everything you can do makes her feel particularly respectful.

You take special care of your girlfriend’s feelings.
Walking in the street you will take the initiative to hold her hand, when crossing the street, you will take the initiative to walk on the outside, let her walk on the inside; every time you will protect her first when squeezing the subway together, and then find a place to hold steady, let her lean on you to hold; you are never willing to let her carry heavy things, so you always carry things by one hand, the other hand holds hers tightly; faced with problems, or danger, you are always the first to appear,  blocking her behind, and all are you to take responsibility.
Every time you quarrel, even if she deleted you, blacked you out, you will pull down the face and take the initiative to find her. Because you think  that boys in love should bear more.
Even if she messes up on something or makes a mistake, but you will defend her and not let anyone else do anything to her outside, and when you get home, it’s okay to talk about how the problem is solved, but you will never allow anyone else to talk about your own woman;
When going out, even if you are together, if a girl still comes up to you and strikes up a conversation, you politely decline and tell them you have a girlfriend.
All these actions where you take special care of her feelings will make your girlfriend feel good about herself.


Boyfriends are well-mannered and politic.
The boyfriend being cultivated and politic is the greatest honor to girls.
One who stays near vermilion gets stained red, and one who stays near ink gets stained black. Being with excellent people, they are not far behind. This is why every girl wants to find a good boyfriend.

If a guy can be warm and friendly to people outside, to be humble, to be able to control their own emotions, and positive, it is very easy for this kind of guys with good character to be welcomed and admired by people.
Just imagine, if as her boyfriend, you are handsome and clean, and good clothes, and good manners, every time you and her go out shopping, the turn back rate is super high, your girlfriend must be very proud of accepting the baptism of others envious eyes, hahahahaha.

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