What destroys a relationship the most?

Love is not like family, because family is related by blood, no matter how you make trouble, blood is thicker than water, it will never be cut. Home is always your harbor, even if you make a mistake, the family will always be tolerant to you and accept you.
But love is different. Two people even from the beginning of the complete lack of knowledge, to know each other, know each other, love, the whole process of two people’s relationship completely rely on love to support and continue, but once the love is worn away, all is gone.
It is not time or distance that can wear away the love between two people, but words that hurt each other.


Now many of us make the mistake that we are always used to leaving the good side to outsiders, but we always show the worst of ourselves to our loved ones.
The truth is that you love each other, but you are so impulsive and angry during arguments that you are verbally abusive and even attack each other with the most vicious words. In a relationship, male or female, we need to be understood and respected in addition to being loved.
I remember watching “I’m a Speaker” and I was greatly touched by Kou Naixin in the show.
In her speech, Kou Naixin said that when she and her husband Huang Guolun had a fight, she used the most vicious language to attack him: “You are a second-hand goods, you don’t deserve me”. This is actually quite hurtful to a man, who wants to be worshipped and depended upon by a woman, but you’re flogging his self-respect and the bottom line. Even if you are beautiful and how much he loves you, he does not dare to get too close to you, after all, you are like a rose with thorns, only can be viewed from a distance….


A few days ago, a fan consulted me in the backstage, and said she was depressed, but everyone around her thought that depression had nothing to do with her, even her ex-boyfriend, who always had the impression that she was a girl who loved to laugh.
Loving to laugh doesn’t mean she won’t be angry. The first time she couldn’t suppress her resentment, she fought with her boyfriend and spoke ill of him; the second time, she couldn’t suppress her twisted heart and smashed her boyfriend’s forehead with a glass, and this time, they had a cold war for a month.
Later on, her emotional outbursts became more and more frequent and her boyfriend broke up with her. In fact, until then, her relationship with her boyfriend had been stable, from high school to now, and she had planned to get married after this year. But now it’s broken up….
Now that this girl’s depression was cured, she realizes the mistake she had made. In fact, when two people are together, even if they are depressed and desperately need an outlet for their emotions, that outlet should not be on the other half. Giving up hope is sometimes just a moment, and if he’s accumulated enough disappointment in you, it’s only a matter of time before he leaves.
In fact, sometimes the other half doesn’t really want to leave you. However, your sarcasm and your wicked words will make him feel aggrieved and will make him feel unworthy for the relationship.

Sometimes, they leave you because they want a relief, a release, or maybe they just want to make you reflect on yourself by leaving.

In fact, in relationships we often go through moments like these:

“It was all right, you talked and laughed, and then he said that one more thing, unintentionally revealing his true feelings. You felt it so sensitively, and so a light went out in your heart and a door closed in yours. You ache with the feeling that it’s all over but he knows nothing about it. No one is born to be understanding, we all grow slowly from an imperfect human being.”

When you stab your loved with your own words, have you ever wondered if they can withstand your attack. Don’t let that light go out in his heart, don’t let that door in his heart close.

Because the ones who can be hurt by you are the ones who love you the most.
Don’t rely on the other person’s preference for you to be emboldened and reckless. Broken love has a lot to do with overdo in the end.

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