How are couples sure they don’t love each other?

I ‘d like to talk
about a very common phenomenon when you don’t get a response from your partner
any more.

I don’t know if
you have such experience in love: Although I have a boyfriend, I still feel
very lonely. When I have difficulties, I will not ask my boyfriend for help at
the first time, because I think he may be busy, he may not respond to me, and
he may refuse me.

It seems that you
seldom quarrel with each other. If you have a conflict, you will digest it by
yourself. Occasionally you mention that you want him to accompany you. He will
say that you are not sensible. Sometimes you really can’t get angry and try to
attract his attention by quarreling. As a result, you find that the other party
doesn’t respond to you at all.

Sometimes you see
other lovers quarrel and quarrel will be particularly envious, feel
particularly sweet, but you and your boyfriend may not contact for three days,
you do not look for him, he will not look for you.

Sometimes you
don’t understand what this love brings to you. You just know that you can be so
powerful. You can do so many things and take care of yourself.

If you have the
same experience, you may be suffering from emotional neglect from your partner.

When you become
low spirited, low self-worth, depressed, and even suspicious of yourself in
this relationship, you’d better give up.

A lot of emotional
experts will tell you, dear, you should try to communicate with your partner,
express your needs, and the specific situations in which the other party’s
actions and words will make you feel uncomfortable, sad or even desperate, what
are your feelings and what you hope the other party will do. But I also want to tell you that if a
person really likes you, he will not ignore you.

People all say
that a good relationship, no matter friendship or love, is positive, but if the
relationship has been scarred, it will only make you hate yourself, doubt
yourself, even humble knees, no longer have the courage to ask for more, then
you need to reevaluate the relationship.

Love is not
necessarily you are not good enough, the other party just want to escape,
looking back, this relationship has lost the original intention of being
together, giving up is even saving yourself.

The truly brave
person is not the one who takes, but dares to accept his own powerlessness and
dare to give up in time.


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