How to judge whether a person is mature or not?

“Man can refuse anything, but he must
not refuse to be mature,” M. Scott Pike wrote in the road of few people. The tendency to avoid problems and pain is
the root cause of human psychological diseases. If you don’t deal with it in
time, you will pay a heavy price and bear greater pain.

The following three points are three signs
to judge a person’s maturity.

Not to be enslaved by emotions

Life is a comedy for mature people, but a
tragedy for immature people. Emotion is sometimes the devil. If you don’t
control it, you can’t become the master of emotion. You are bound to be
enslaved by it. It will destroy your life. In the adult world, no one is easier
than others, no one has the obligation to pay for your bad temper. Mature people don’t care about their
emotions, they only care about their work, while immature people don’t care
about things seriously, only care about their emotions.
Mature people can
always use positive emotional state to communicate with others, and this
positive emotional state will also infect others. Around them is a harmonious
and positive atmosphere. If you always interact with others with uncontrollable
emotions, the negative emotions will also spread to the other party, but who is
willing to work with people who give them negative emotions all day long? No
anger, does not necessarily mean

there is no negative emotions, can not
bring negative emotions to others, is really mature.

Not to be influenced by other people’s ideas

Even as normal people, we often live in
other people’s eyes, worried about other people’s evaluation, afraid of
different vision, so that we dare not dare to express ourselves and live in our
own way. The pursuit of recognition stifles our freedom of life. Because we
don’t want to be hated by anyone, we choose an unfettered way of life and lead
a miserable life. Not to be influenced by other people’s ideas is to stop
seeking the approval of others and live in the expectation of others, but to do
what you want to do and live the life that you want to live. A truly mature person does not care about
other people’s evaluation, is not afraid of being disliked by others, does not
pursue being recognized by others, but lives his own life.
master Adler said: “people need the courage to be themselves despite being
hated, so that they can escape the shame of being unable to be themselves and
get real happiness.”

Have the ability to get happiness

Feuerbach, a German philosopher, said:
“the first thing for a man to live is to make himself happy.”

in the final analysis, is a kind of ability. People without the ability to be
happy will not be happy no matter where and who they are with. People with
happiness ability can be happy no matter where they are and who they are with.
Many people from the original family, more or less with the shadow
of the original family, to adulthood, will be interfered by their parents,
squeeze, the rest of their life happiness is impossible to talk about. But as
adults, we have the ability to control our own destiny. This ability is whether
you are willing to change, get rid of the psychological shadow and bondage, and
live the happy life you want.


Mature people can control their own life,
so that they have the ability to be happy and have happiness, contented and
always happy.

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