Is there really such thing as love between two people?

Some people say that there is no true love in the world, but it turns out that the person who said this is true love. It’s just that his true love met with heartlessness. His heart was deeply hurt by love. His true love did not meet the right person. So he didn’t want to believe in love any more. He didn’t want to believe that there were people who paid true love in this world.

Love does not need to take on, also does not pay any responsibility, 

                 the feeling wants to come, wants to leave, is not bound by anything.

Love seems to always meet a fool who is infatuated like a fool, and the other is a cunning villain. That fool will be bruised by that villain, but there are still a thousand I would like, so no one and love can be justified, so in front of love. Hurt is a common thing, because love will not pity anyone, weak in the face of love only failure, only discrimination. Therefore, there is no justice in front of love.

The more people grow up, the more difficult it is for love to be simple. Because the impurity of human itself is also increasing, how can we ask love to be pure all the time? But I always have a voice in my heart telling myself: “all the rules for the other half are set for strangers, because when true love comes, all problems will not be a problem.” Because the essence of love should not be mixed with anything. In other words, there is no real love. Because if love is not pure enough, it can not be called “love”.

But in this impetuous era, can my values be realized? I’ve met too many people who come and go in a hurry and have no patience to wait for precipitation. They are willing to see flowers and fruits, but they are not willing to sow and fertilize. Time is so expensive, how can it be spent on a person who has no results? As time goes by, I gradually feel that, compared with floating in a similar samsara, it is more practical to let myself become dependent. But, such I still believe in love, can let me heartthrob love. Even though she has been single, she is still ready to go on a date called “love”.

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