What are some photos that went viral in 2017?

In 2017, you will think a lot about the 10 photos that became popular on the Internet because of their spectacular.

1.Spanish street dancers, with their soft body and superb dance skills, show the charm of dance to people. Do anything as long as adhere to, there will be enviable results.

2.The neck of the sea lion is seriously injured by the scrap metal thread thrown into the sea by people and is dying. Take good care of the marine environment, do not litter, return the animals a clean home.

3.Volunteers are tidying up clothes for the little boy who lost his legs. The little boy thanks the volunteer with the most brilliant smile. Life can not be plain sailing, but no matter how hard it is, don’t forget to face each day with a smile.

4.This is Venice’s water wharf. The narrow plank road and the turbulent waves make people feel cold.

5.This is a child in the African refugee area. He has been starving all the year round. He was lucky to get two lollipops, but he still insisted on sending uncle cameraman a lollipop.

6.Thousands of marathon runners enjoy the scenery while running on the rainbow Avenue opened after the snow.

7.Because of global warming and melting ice and snow, a polar bear squats alone on the shore, homeless.

8.The thick and ancient roots of trees seem to have collapsed the house. This has become the essence of the ancient tree, or not easy to get close to it!

9.Vehicles shuttle back and forth on the crisscross overpass, which looks like human brain from a distance.

great white shark jumps out of the sea and stirs up huge waves behind him. This
kind of shark is not terrible at all, but very cute.

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