Why do girls play hard to get?

Many people think that girls are hard to get. But then again, why do other boys succeed, but you can’t? In the end, it’s not that girls are hard to get, but that you don’t know how to do..
Not blindly pay can get the girl’s favor
Some boys think that as long as the girls do their best, the girls will accept it, and then they can fall in love happily. But the failure of your practice shows that this blind pay can not get the favor of girls, and even directly scares the girls away. Of course, it’s not that you don’t have to put in and give. Boys should be the initiative in a relationship and pay more. However, such efforts should be made in accordance with the needs of both sides, rather than endlessly ingratiating. 
Attract each other better than to pay blindly
I personally prefer to rely on my own charm to attract girls. For example, if you send her a “good morning” message 365 days a year, it’s not as attractive as the handsome appearance of her new colleague.
Be mature to talk to girls
Women all pay attention to the first impression, to be mature, think about, which woman will fall in love with a naive person. Mature men will have the courage to face their own responsibilities. When you are with her, you should take the initiative, but keep moderate. Have the temperament and demeanor of a man.
Know the girl’s character 

When you are in love, you can communicate with each other better only after you understand the other’s personality. For example, his personality is quiet and you are cheerful and lively. Therefore, you need to adjust the frequency and adapt to each other’s rhythm.

In addition, my view on this issue is not that girls are hard to get now, nor is it that boys don’t have the heart to chase girls, but that every young person has his own selfishness and small abacus. Compared with the risk of unhappiness in running a relationship, it’s better to live a free and unrestrained life. Whenever someone asked why he was still single, although the man said “how hard it is for girls to catch up with them now”, the girl said “don’t want to fall in love”. But in my heart, I know that the reason why I am single is not that I can’t meet the person I like, and it’s not hard to catch up with each other. However, we all have our own worries and can’t accept that if we have more partners, our life will be worse than before.

That’s why most people are single.

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