Can guys be just friends with girls they find attractive?

Before answering this question, we should first understand whether there is pure friendship between men and women?

When I was surfing the Internet before, I saw a group that let everyone disclose that they had done something beyond the boundaries of friends with their boyfriends. After reading it, I was a little confused about the word “bosom friend”.

Two people are walking along the river, hugging and kissing; one is lovelorn, the other comes to him and sleeps in the same bed, but nothing else happens; two people drink a drink and sleep on a quilt (just sleeping), is this pure friendship? It can be seen that if a man and a woman get along with each other for a long time, cross-border behavior is easy to happen. The so-called ” bosom friend ” is because their relationship is far beyond ordinary friends. So, is there pure friendship between men and women?

Adrian F. ward, a professor of psychology at Harvard University, said that studies have shown that because of the differences in the way men and women think, the so-called “pure relationship between men and women” is basically destroyed by men’s delusions . In one study, about half of young adults reported having had sex with at least one friend who was not a lover. Time is the catalyst of men’s and women’s emotions. The so-called long-term love can easily lead to qualitative changes in feelings. There is no normal friendship between men and women, but love and hate.

It is too difficult to maintain friendship between men and women. It is very difficult for men and women to have pure friendship, and it is even more difficult to maintain pure friendship. Both sides need to bear the dual pressure from inside and outside. You may wonder if the other person is using you as a spare wheel, or if one party wants to develop a love relationship, the other doesn’t feel it at all. Even if they really want to maintain a pure relationship, others will take them as ambiguous objects. As a party concerned, he may gradually alienate himself in order to avoid suspicion, or he may act in a real way. Moreover, when one or both parties have a partner, the biggest obstacle to love is bosom friend, and it is basically impossible to maintain close friendship. Because of sex, men and women can never be true friends.

It is true that friendship can exist between men and women, but this friendship must maintain a boundary. This limit, which is how much your partner can accept, varies from person to person. If you already have a partner, please take the initiative to keep a distance from the girl of the opposite sex. Don’t let the intimacy between you and your girlfriend become the sharpest thorn in your relationship. A responsible adult knows how to control the border.

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