How to Ruin a Relationship in One Sentence

——“It’s none of your business.”

The power of these five words is enough to make any hot heart instantly cold.

It wasn’t my husband, it was my ex- boyfriend.

I remember the day we parted, we held out our hands in the living room to give each other a loving hug. I looked down at the floor and thought of the smashed Disney group photo in the trash can. All of a sudden, I felt that he was so far away from me that my hand shrank back as soon as I touched his arm.

Sometimes if you fall in love with someone, the worst situation is that you know he has no love for you, but you continue to cheat yourself, he is just tired, he just don’t understand, he is just duplicity.

There are a lot of lovers’ feelings like a drama. Even if they have the strength to love until the earth shatters, they may even lose their standing strength in the end.

The reason for the fight is simple: Z giggles at the screen of his mobile phone. I asked casually, “what’s the matter with you so happy?” Without hesitation, he replied, “it’s none of your business. “

Most of the time, I choose to be patient with my ex boyfriend’s temper.

But when this sentence was said from his favorite person’s mouth, I still felt very mean, and I was suddenly very angry. Did we love each other for five years? Was I still an outsider to him?

“Am I too narrow-minded?”

I used to doubt myself before my relationship collapsed.

But is that really the case?

I am used to taking care of each other, and I always help him solve problems unconsciously.

But I found that the relationship didn’t get better. Instead, it made him very mean.

So I chose to leave him neatly.

I think the most important thing to insist on is respect. Contempt and arbitrariness are never the prerogative of love.

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