What is the Brutal Truth about Extramarital Affairs?

First of all, let’s say a cruel truth.

The rise of love, or the formal popularity of love, began with the love between ladies and knights in the 18th century.

With the popularity of extramarital affairs between ladies and knights, as well as the beautification of words and romance, it has gradually transformed into our current love.

In other words, the real origin of the word love comes from extramarital affairs. So you say marriage in modern society is not reliable? In fact, it’s normal.

As for why betrayal of marriage, I make an inappropriate metaphor. For example, you like playing basketball very much, but I want you to professionalize him. You can only play basketball all your life. Do you think playing basketball will lose interest. Life is rich, colorful, and uneven polymorphism. Playing other sports once in a while is a change. Marriage is just like this. It is the same reason to fix love ritualizing on a person and sports professionalization on a sport.

What’s more, many people are not mature in mind. They feel like it at first, but they don’t really know each other. After a long time together, they find that the two sides are not suitable, their values do not match, and their personalities do not match.

Psychologist Dan Wyle also mentioned in his book: when you choose a long-term life partner, you inevitably choose some special unsolvable problems, and you will fight with these problems for 10, 20 or 50 years. The happiness of marriage largely depends on whether you are ready to face the problems, even those that you will never be able to solve in a lifetime.

Don’t overestimate any relationship or any one person.

So, roughly two points, to sum up.

1. Human nature is greedy, like novelty, change patterns, experience different things and people.

2. Poor ability to deal with intimate relationship and immature mind.

Love exists, but it may not last forever.

It is almost impossible to maintain a marriage by love. We should rely on kindness, kinship, cooperation, spiritual matching, personality matching and sexual harmony to maintain.

Love is just a fire burned out, and the above things can last for a long time.

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