6 Things On What Triggers Emotional Attraction In A Man

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What triggers emotional attraction in a man? Although appearance and figure are important, they are not the most fatal attraction. It’s not just good-looking for a partner for a man. It’s easy to bring face out. Usually can get along with each other, deeply my heart’s woman only then can let the man get along with for a long time.

Therefore, we must understand the characteristics of men’s thinking, such as: straightforward, stubborn, pragmatic, and so on. In a word, let the man feel very happy and relaxed when dealing with you, the attraction is half the success! After all, can play together, can be conducive to your next attraction!

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6 things on what triggers emotional attraction in a man

1. What triggers emotional attraction in a man? Gentle character

Why is a woman’s gentleness so attractive? Because there is hostility to the world in men’s genes, which is the instinct brought by genes. There is a saying that “men fight all their lives”, that is to say, men are nervous all the time.

But if you as a woman’s gentle, can let the man off guard, put down his heart, Congratulations, you attract men more than half of the success. After all, no matter how strong a man is, he has a weak side.

2. What triggers emotional attraction in a man? Have a stable mood

It’s true that women are emotional creatures. However, if a woman indulges her moods and is moody, it will make a man feel disgusted and avoid it. Imagine that a man is already in a mess in his study and work, and your moody mood may drive him further crazy.

Having a constant, self entertaining mood will make a man give priority to you as his partner.

3. What triggers emotional attraction in a man? Have a unique temperament

After all, with the passage of time, no matter how well a woman is maintained, her appearance will disappear and her figure will be out of shape, but her temperament can get better and better with the passage of time. Because of the temperament and connotation, women can stand the test of time, more and more enduring and mellow.

4. What triggers emotional attraction in a man? Super high EQ

Because of the secretion of oxytocin, women have a higher ability of empathy than men, which is one of the manifestations of women’s higher EQ than men, that is, to experience each other’s emotions.

But at the same time, regardless of empathy, it’s a pity that women’s EQ is not necessarily much better than men’s. And that’s what really tests your Eq.

What triggers emotional attraction in a man? As I said before, men are naturally hostile to this. But if at this time your super high EQ, can think about his situation, that man is very easy to you: this woman understand me!

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5. What triggers emotional attraction in a man? Understand the moderate material

Women can’t be prevented in this era. The most ruthless way to exploit women is the media and business. Of course, it’s your freedom to spend a lot of money, but if you can show your “simple, diligent and frugal” side in front of men, it can greatly reduce the pressure on you.

I want to emphasize again: girls, what you should pay attention to now is the media and business! Men really don’t hurt you that much.

6. What triggers emotional attraction in a man? You can really think

We all think that we have the ability to think independently, but in fact, ignorance and blind obedience are the mainstream of society.

What triggers emotional attraction in a man? Now all kinds of we media have fabricated all kinds of words full of temptation and lack of logic, constantly depriving users of their thinking ability, especially women’s emotional media.

You can see a person’s level from the social platform. If your social platform is full of articles that scold men and pour bitter water, it is to send a signal to others: I have no thinking ability, and I am easy to be incited. A real thinking woman has a deeper attraction for men! Men don’t need a partner with an empty head.

The above are the answers on what triggers emotional attraction in a man. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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