A Sad Break Up Letter

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Today I share with you a sad break up letter that broke my heart. Someone keeps asking me, “Do I want someone who loves me or someone I love?” After reading this letter, you’ll have your answer.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.


Sad break up letter to boyfriend: Dear, please allow me to call you that for the last time. Today is the fifth anniversary of our relationship, at this moment we should have been immersed in the romance of candlelight flowers, or watch a movie about love, or call a few friends who witnessed our journey to have a meal, and then count the experiences we have had along the way over the years. However, life will not march according to our established track, which is the reality of helplessness, but also our helplessness.



A sad break up letter: Five years ago, I was 27 years old, you said to always be good to me. Today, I’m 32 years old, you said I’m sorry, I can’t be good to you anymore. Seriously, I don’t blame you, if I have to say who owes something to whom, it must be that I owe you.

A sad break up letter: I still remember when your salary was not high, but would rather save their own money to buy a few thousand pieces of necklace to me. You do not know how to coax girls and skills, but every time I encounter trouble when you will always listen to me seriously.

Sad break up letter to boyfriend: You pick me up from work every day rain or shine, occasionally because I work overtime you even have to wait two or three hours, but you always say as if nothing happened you only waited a while.


A sad break up letter: You are really good to me, so good that even if I do not have feelings of love for you, but also fantasized about the future with you. All the people around me told me that it doesn’t matter if you love or not, as long as you are good to yourself is enough.

Sad break up letter to boyfriend: If these words were placed in the past, I will definitely refute with all my might, but 27 years old I watched my parents worry about my marriage around, witnessing friends around me get married and have children one by one. Even if I try to be brave again and say I’m not in a hurry, how can my heart not ripple?


A sad break up letter: Now, I really understand that the relationship thing for me is not to be settled. When I was young, I chose the person I loved and ended up with nothing. I met you, I chose to be loved, but it is still difficult to escape the fate of saying goodbye. It turns out that loving and being loved, no matter which one is missing, it is difficult to be happy.


The other day, you said to me, “I’m tired, in fact I know at the beginning you just take me as a lifesaver.” I did not retort, we both know this fact in our hearts, just five years who did not pierce.

A sad break up letter: Perhaps in order to survive and ideals, I disguised myself as a sword and gun. Until I met you, your unrequited love for me, only to remind me that I am also a girl ah. Even if I am usually wearing high heels, I am strong enough to be intimidating, even if I can scare a few men when I drink at a dinner party, even if the sky is falling, I can only force myself to carry it. However, when I’m tired I still long for a shoulder to lean on a little girl. And you, when I need it most, appeared.


A sad break up letter: As a girl, meet a man who is good to them, of course, it is easy to remove defenses and fall into each other’s tenderness, when we do not yet understand that a person is good to you, it is necessary to get a response.


A sad break up letter: The last two years, we quarreled more and more often. You complain that my mind is all on work and family, neglecting you, and I blame you for not supporting me as fully as you used to.

I remember one time, you asked a lot of friends to celebrate their birthday, and repeatedly asked me to attend on time. But that day it happened that a girlfriend fell out of love, in order to celebrate your birthday and heal with your girlfriend, I chose the latter. That night, you drank a little out of control after you came home, hugging me and crying, asking why I do not care about you, said a lot of heart, at that moment, I know that in fact you love me love very tired.

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Sad break up letter to boyfriend:

From that time onwards, I tried to take care of your emotions. I will be afraid to be late for a date, you do not smile when I will reflect on where they are not doing well, you travel, I always have to set the alarm clock to call you, for fear of forgetting to contact, you will be unhappy.


A sad break up letter: The previous was loved by you, is happy, then love and love became a burden. This makes me cautious, and I have tried very hard to maintain this relationship, and I know you are too. Unfortunately, this matter of love is always the harder you try, the more heartbreaking it is. We both tried our best, but there was nothing we could do.


A sad break up letter: I thought you would always be good to me, but I forgot that no one would really be good to a person without asking for anything in return, anyone who gives is eager to get a response, even if the mouth does not say, the heart must expect so.

A sad break up letter: Even at this moment, I still want to say that I’m glad I met you at the age of 27, so I know what it’s like to be pampered, and I regret that I met you at the age of 27, if I met you earlier, maybe I still have the courage to love someone, and I can love you as much as you once loved me.


A sad break up letter: I don’t know how many girls are like you and me, because a person is good to you and with him, and I only now understand that a person is good to you, can not be a reason for you to be with him. Just because a guy “good for himself and with him, is not responsible for him, is also not responsible for their own, the result will only become he paid very tired, you respond more tired.


A sad break up letter: The starting point is not the right feelings, how will stop to the right end? This is a good way to get the most out of your life.

In the end, I wish you happiness, and I wish me happiness.

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