Use Online Dating For Kids, 4 Things You Should Know

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What are the online dating for kids? Before looking for kids dating app or dating sites for kids, you should know that kids dating websites and kid dating apps for 12 year olds are rare. Some of them even full of danger.

Not long ago I saw a video about stepmother pretending to be a girl and her son’s online love affair. I’m curious to hear this topic for the first time. It turned out that the son ran away from home because he was in conflict with his stepmother.

The helpless stepmother came up with a way to disguise a girl of the same age and chat with her son, so as to get the latest situation of her son. The stepmother got in touch with her son on the Internet, and the son also revealed his worries about running away from home, so the stepmother advised her son to go home as a girl

This is an “online love story” with love as the starting point, and there are many online love incidents in real life that “in the name of love” has caused great harm to teenagers. Here are something you need to know about online dating for kids.

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If you want to use online dating for kids, you should recognize the following points

1. Use online dating for kids, you may be the main target of network swindlers

Teenagers’ online love is the expression of looking for spiritual sustenance on the Internet. The network environment is virtual and there is no geographical restriction. It is easy for people to open their hearts and communicate with each other on the Internet. Because the other party can’t touch and see, the defense psychology will also decrease, which is one of the reasons why network deception events are frequently successful.

When they use online dating for kids, swindlers will make use of the intimate relationship established in the Internet world and the good image left to each other to achieve their purpose of getting money, which is often difficult to detect. For the teenagers who lack the awareness of prevention and safety knowledge and are sensitive and vulnerable, online love is the simplest way for them to find their spiritual home and gain self-confidence and identity. Therefore, it has become the primary target of network swindlers.

2. Use online dating for kids, you should know that a lot of information in the network has been beautified

People in the network world will show their good side intentionally or unintentionally. The relationship based on the network love is often too idealistic and has a good impression on each other.

After the relationship is confirmed, it is easy to produce over exaggerated and ideal assumptions and trust to each other when you use online dating for kids. For teenagers who are not good at controlling their inner emotions and acting impulsively, they may ignore their own safety to meet each other’s requirements, and are easy to do extreme things because they know each other’s cheating.

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3. Use online dating for kids, pay attention that sexual behavior will gradually get out of control

Teenagers in love have sex at an earlier age. Sadly, the age of pregnancy is also decreasing. What’s more terrible is that the behavior of “asking for guns” or “knocking guns” is spreading among teenagers.

A teenager once told me a very shocking news when he use online dating for kids: in our school, love is a very common phenomenon. Looking around, who is whose predecessor, former predecessor. Then pass me a look: you know!

It may be difficult to get an accurate figure of the proportion of teenagers in love having sex, but such behavior is not exclusive to those so-called “bad children”. In key schools, those with excellent academic performance should not be ignored.

4. Use online dating for kids, you should know that underage online love, love motivation is no longer good

It is undeniable that such a pure and beautiful love is still the main theme among teenagers. However, more and more teenagers have mixed other “impurities” in their choice of love objects: a survey report shows that nearly 10% of teenagers will take “the other’s family background and economic situation” as their first choice, Nearly 30% of teenagers will consider “high price support” or “crying in a BMW”. Although the accuracy of this report can not be determined, there are many behaviors of parents asking each other about their family background and financial situation when they learn that their children are in love.

The above are the things you need to pay attention when use online dating for kids. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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