How To Answer What Are You Looking For Dating

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How to answer what are you looking for dating? Some people date to make friends, some date for sex, and some date to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. But the answer for some people is the third. What is your answer?

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The social activity of dating is very important in the process of men and women getting together, and it is a key step in determining whether you can move on to the next level! However, boys in the process of dating girls, some skills must be understood, or accidentally this relationship between you is over. The first thing to make clear: the purpose of dating is to enhance your relationship, this is very important, if you do not even know the purpose, then this date is also unnecessary it.


Provoke her emotions, we all know that women are emotional creatures, their emotions are often irrational and will not be rational and logical. How to answer what are you looking for dating? You have to make her laugh, she will want to be with you; if she is angry, then she will also go into it for you; if she has cried for you, the result is that she already likes you.


What is emotion? People need freshness, so emotions need to be mobilized. One key word here is: “unexpected”, that is, to make her life uneventful and full of surprises.


How to answer what are you looking for dating? Express interest, if she has a good feeling for you, she will wait for you, or hint you, you can further develop, you absolutely can not miss the opportunity, women are very sensitive, if you do not take action, she will be thinking, and over time, there is no then. We can show in language, or physically.

Clarify the purpose of the date.


1. Establish a sense of comfort by talking

How to answer what are you looking for dating? After the date you are no longer strangers. If you started with online chatting, it is important to invite in time to upgrade the relationship in real life dating. The other side can also look at each other in reality and talk.


2. Dating is to filter out the girls who are interested or likely to be interested in you

How to answer what are you looking for dating? You must emphasize that you are on a date before dating! This is how you can screen out the girls who are interested in you! Here to say why to emphasize dating it, because if you do not say, others still think that you are ordinary friends to eat a meal, who can agree.


3. Remember to determine the invitation in advance

How to answer what are you looking for dating? At least a day in advance! Then confirm it two or three hours before the day of the date. If there is no phone, be sure to phone, call to confirm, so that the phone is also natural to ask for.


4. Talk about in-depth sexual topics

How to answer what are you looking for dating? In-depth sex topics have emotional state and sexual topics, and girls talk about in-depth sex topics need a quiet, and no one will disturb the environment. If you start out in an impressionable environment, you need to move to a private location before you start talking about in-depth sex.

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1. Emotional status

How to answer what are you looking for dating? If you want to develop a relationship with her as a boyfriend and girlfriend, it is best to talk to her about their relationship status. Directly ask “how many times have you fallen in love before” will make the other party uncomfortable, the way to cut into the talk about the state of feelings can be to talk about the age of the first kiss, such as this: “If someone asks you the age of your first kiss, then how will you answer?”

If the girl also asked you the age of the first kiss, you will take the opportunity to talk about your love story.


2. Talk about sex

How to answer what are you looking for dating? The topic of sex can directly induce sexual awareness in a girl, thus enhancing the possibility of having sex`s with her. When talking about sex, your attitude must be positive and think that sex is normal, if you can’t let go yourself, the girl will also feel unnatural.

Introducing the topic of sex can be a way to share your views and attitudes about sex.

The third stage of deepening the conversation can not just talk without action to match, the key is to move in (intimate physical contact) should also follow. If you talk to her about your sexual attitude before you kiss her, it will make the atmosphere very strange. How to answer what are you looking for dating? The topic of kissing to guide: reduce the distance between the private space between the two, and her to make and maintain strong eye contact, sweep between her eyes and lips when talking, when you sit very close, let the conversation slowly reduce, when you are silent, say to her: “I find that with you feel really good, I do not know why, I am now suddenly a little nervous .”



How to answer what are you looking for dating? Approach slowly and look her in the eyes. When she opens her mouth again, cut her off and say, “Shhh, you talk too much, do you want to kiss me?” If she says yes, kiss her; if she says “I don’t know (or something)”, say “Let’s try”; if she says no exactly, say back “I didn’t say you could. “.

Or just ask: “What’s your kissing technique? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your kissing?”


Finally, you need to become a fun person.

How to answer what are you looking for dating? The key to becoming interesting is to keep yourself in a relaxed state, with the goal of expressing yourself better and thus attracting women. If you are nervous even when you speak, women will sense your discomfort and whatever you say will be of no consequence.

The key to expressing interest is to express interest in her step by step, with the aim of gradually leading the woman and thus escalating the relationship. How to answer what are you looking for dating? If you confess your interest at the beginning, the woman will feel strong pressure and will usually reject you if she is not sure she likes you.

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