How Long Can You Stay Mad At Someone You Love?

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How long can you stay mad at someone you love? I can’t help but get angry with the person I love most. In fact, I don’t want to. But when the mood came up, can’t control oneself to ta roar loudly, how to do? In fact, every time you erupt, there is something hidden behind it.

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How long can you stay mad at someone you love? 4 things you should know the mad

1. How long can you stay mad at someone you love? Understand the essence of mad

As far as the reality is concerned, I see a difference here, that is, the difference in treating different people. For example, it is impossible for you to say cruel words to your lover to your co-workers, and dare not say them to your boss. Because you are afraid of destroying the relationship, which will lead to bad consequences, rejection, loss of certain opportunities and so on.

So you can suppress the most cruel words due to strong negative emotions. But the pent up emotions don’t go away. It needs to find an exit, so you will unconsciously find a safe person to release, and the first one to bear the brunt is the one you love most, or the one who loves you most.

When you wonder how long can you stay mad at someone you love, you should know that it could be your partner, your parents, especially your children (because in a parent-child relationship, being a parent is in an authoritative position). I am more willing to understand this problem as how to not throw emotions and speak unkindly to the people I love most.

2. How long can you stay mad at someone you love? You should raise your awareness

Let’s see why we always say cruel words: when we are angry and cruel to our husband and children, part of the reason comes from the original family. Maybe one of your parents is irritable.

If you have enough awareness, you will understand that you have inherited your parents’ personality from generation to generation, and then you have the opportunity to transform yourself. You can clearly see your habitual thinking and emotional reaction patterns. When you are cruel to your lover, you will be aware and stop yourself.

How long can you stay mad at someone you love? When we calm down, we will feel guilty because of the other party’s injury and our excessive words and deeds. Over time, this mode of communication will lead to alienation, fossilization and even rupture.

3. How long can you stay mad at someone you love? Nothing is more effective than real expression

The most important thing about intimacy is not appearance, not bread, not even loyalty, but sharing. If they don’t share, they will be like strangers under the same roof, and this strong sense of emptiness is the most emotional.

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4. How long can you stay mad at someone you love? Language communication is the most important way to share

There is only one reason why people who love each other can’t speak well, that is, they don’t understand that most of the language is for sharing, not for discussing and asking for advice. In interpersonal relationship, we often choose to sacrifice ourselves and accommodate each other in order to protect the relationship, fear to destroy the relationship and maintain a good image.

There are too many worries and fears. They are afraid that other people don’t like them. How long can you stay mad at someone you love? In fact, it just hurts the relationship. At the same time, you don’t accept yourself who dare not express yourself.

There are too many disputes within us, which make the relationship complicated and changeable. My suggestion is to learn how to truly express ourselves in the relationship: express your feelings, make your requests, put down your expectations, and be responsible for yourself.

When it’s time to say no, you can say no. If you don’t have the courage to do it for the time being, then sincerely admit that your sense of strength is not enough. Don’t attack yourself.

5. How long can you stay mad at someone you love? Find a reasonable way to release this emotion

If you still say cruel words to your lover, then you have to do emotional repair afterwards. You should make an apology. You should truly disclose your vulnerability and make an understanding: because I was criticized by my boss today and was angry, so I blame you. In fact, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s my own problem. I’m sorry.

How long can you stay mad at someone you love? At the same time, seize the time to let yourself learn and grow up, because the more cruel you say to your lover, the more powerless you feel. Start with small things, clarify your boundaries, express yourself truly, and draw your attention back to yourself.

The above are the answers on how long can you stay mad at someone you love. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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