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Cross paths dating app: If you want to find some popular dating apps, then you can use Tinder, Ocupid, etc. If you want to try some new dating apps, you can use Bothlive, Hellotalk, etc.

Today I’m going to share with you some of the things you should be aware of when using dating apps.

Crosspaths app: In contemporary society, life is moving too fast. Just to stay alive, it seems like you’ve put your best foot forward. So, there really doesn’t seem to be much time left for relationships, and not everyone’s dating circle is very wide, wide enough to find the right person.

I understand that some people choose dating, recruitment, dating and other channels in a vain attempt to seek an efficient love. We all know that these platforms are mixed, but where exactly is the mix?

Cross paths dating app: I never dare to say that each factual record shows the phenomenon comprehensively, but always carefully use the term “tip of the iceberg”, so I hope that we can look at it rationally.





A woman.

Cross paths dating app: The second year of divorce, there was registered dating software. The webpage has advertisements that will pop up several quality men, but when you want to look further, you will be reminded that you need to register.

Cross paths dating app: Some of the men’s profiles were well written, but it took a few more to realize that many were the same. It turns out that the system has many options, and if you are too lazy to write, you can just apply the template.

Cross paths dating app: The dating platform is billed as sincere, but makes features that are not sincere. After registering, I didn’t look at it much. Occasionally open to find a lot of the opposite sex to send me messages, said particularly polite, I looked quite heartwarming.

Try to contact with each other, either not back, back is a business-like look. Later, I found out that this is the system on behalf of sending, not at all the subjective behavior of the person concerned.


Crosspaths app: Think about it, no one is active in the case, the platform always want to find some way to stimulate these people to interact. So, fake greetings came into being by the way. Not only that, if you want to match the right person of the opposite sex according to your requirements, you need to top up. Some greetings are free to view, while others require payment.

Cross paths dating app: I understand the act of charging, there is no free lunch in the world. But in order to stimulate users to spend, the platform will send messages out instead of the user, creating the illusion that men and women like each other, and thus blindly recharge.

Not surprisingly, this look tens of thousands of dollars is gone.




B Woman

Cross paths dating app: The dating software, it is a very strange existence, the heart knows the chances of harvest is not very big, but can not help but brush. And only know brush, but lazy chat.

There are a lot of matches, but not many of them are talking. I found quite a lot of male fitness instructors on it, one ah, showing their naked upper body, doing their best to show their pectorals, abs, biceps …… or just sitting in the cab, showing a steering wheel.

Cross paths dating app: This shows that the man is still quite childish, always with a childlike way to attract women.

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A man

Cross paths dating app: For some time, friends around me are married and have children, and I think it’s time to think about personal problems.

Because of my job, I don’t know many girls, so I signed up for a dating site. I spent a few hundred dollars to become a member, you can chat with women at will, no restrictions.

At the beginning, chatting with some are cold and indifferent, until one day met a particularly cheerful and enthusiastic sister, take the initiative to send photos to let me understand her better. I took pictures of my meals, pictures on the way to work, and pictures at parties.


Cross paths dating app: I think she is particularly sincere, she also proposed to meet. After we added our contact information, we discussed the place to meet. I proposed a place she refused with various reasons, and finally chose a general-looking cafe.

The first time I didn’t think much about it, I followed her there. She came up and ordered two bottles of wine, plus a lot of snacks. She seems to be a familiar customer, even the price list does not need to see. Crosspaths app: As a man for the first time can not be too stingy, I also did not ask the waiter to take the price list over.

In the process of chatting, she obviously did not have the enthusiasm online. I feel more and more wrong, the wine has not drunk much, she said to change a lower degree. I didn’t say anything and let her be.


Cross paths dating app: When the excuse to go to the bathroom, directly slipped away. Later she sent a message asking me how to leave? I said, do not go to stay as a free wallet? Yes, I met the trust.

This kind of people in the dating platform, especially active. Cross paths dating app: The company has a lot of people who are interested in the company’s products and services. It turned out that the man was buying something.

The software is just to add people.




B man

Cross paths dating app: I also play dating software, but there are really all kinds of people in it. Once I met a person, chatting particularly well, feel she knows a lot about men, I am glad that I have met a beauty.


But she just refused to add my contact information, no matter what I said. Cross paths dating app: The longer we talk, the more I feel like I’m really falling in love with each other. I said, add me, no matter how ugly and poor you are I admit it, but also do you very ordinary ready, I am really fascinated by the feeling you give me.

Cross paths dating app: Finally she agreed to add me. However, I took a look, it was a man! At that moment, I wanted to die. I questioned him, what’s going on?


Cross paths dating app: He said he was a man and he liked men. I also said that I was sincere to me. The love words and promises he made all counted. He also brainwashed me, if you love me too, why can’t we be together? Just because I am not a woman?

Everyone feel it first!

Cross paths dating app: I took a deep breath for several minutes to calm down. He saw that I did not reply, and sent messages one after another, seeing those contents I could not easily calm down the emotions boiling again.

He said: Want to feel what I feel? I can do for you how to how, I will also what what, absolutely guarantee you very comfortable. If you really can not accept love, then give me a night can? I can still make a thought for the rest of my life. I can give you money, you say a number, as long as I can get it.

Cross paths dating app: At that time I did not want to say anything, even “roll” did not have the strength to speak out.

I do not discriminate against the same sex, I discriminate against him.

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