How Long Should You Talk To Someone Before Dating

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How long should you talk to someone before dating? In the feelings, for many boys, meet like a girl is a very easy thing, but to chase this like a girl is not simple, just a lot of boys in order to be able to quickly chase like a girl, will go online to learn a lot of skills and methods to force the relationship, or twenty-four hours a day are eager to find girls chatting, but the results are not as good as expected.
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1. Do their own psychological construction

How long should you talk before dating? The men who have used social software know that the above very ordinary girls, in reality are reluctant to take a look at the girls, in the network are not necessarily to take care of you, because she received too much information every day to hit on.
The same is true in life, you like the girls, other guys also like.
Because the girl is beautiful, we are influenced by visual cues, we will go to great lengths to attract people, but often ignore the reality that there is only one her in your phone, while her phone, but there may be several people lined up to talk to her.
How long should you talk to someone before dating? The first thing you need to do is to get a good psychological construction when chatting with girls, without a calm and relaxed state of mind as a prerequisite, more skills are useless.

2. Passive display of high value

How long should you talk to someone before dating? We know that the purpose of chatting with girls is to make them like themselves, but many men in order to deepen the impression of girls on their own, will deliberately enlarge their image, bragging about themselves to show high value, but in most cases women do not buy, and even despise, because people think you show off.
The core of chatting is to show yourself, but it must be a passive display, because what is actively said out loud often gives a feeling of showing off, as an example.

How long should you talk to someone before dating? For example, you have a car, rather than nakedly tell people you have a car or send people their car keys or car steering wheel photos, rather than in the chat to say: “talk later, in the drive it” or send her a self-drive photo, from the car shot of the scenery, both to show that they have a car can also start chatting with girls through the landscape The effect of such a high-value display is more effective.

How long should you talk before dating? Of course, this is not only with the car, other aspects of the value of the display can be used in this mode, such as you like to run, you can say: “first do not talk, friends called me out night running” so that the image of a sunny boy who loves sports is set up in the girl.

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3. Grasp and girls chat rhythm

How long should you talk to someone before dating? There are many people in a relationship hard to pay, but not get each other’s love, why?
The more you pay, the more you care about the girl, the easier it is to get, which is what we often say, the easier it is to get the less cherished.
How long should you talk to someone before dating? The more you talk to girls, the more you must pay attention to the rhythm of the chat.
The girl back a sentence, we will return a sentence; girl attitude is not good, we do not show too enthusiastic; girls do not want to talk, we do not pester and she talked.
How long should you talk to someone before dating? In general, take away the chatting framework that we cater to please girls, do not let her feel that we are easy to get, so that she will be curious about us and desire.

4. Chat to keep the same frequency

How long should you talk to someone before dating? The first thing you need to do is to control your eagerness to understand her, and don’t pay too much attention to each other’s attitudes, after all, in the beginning of contact, you are just an ordinary stranger to the girl, too anxious to enhance the relationship is not a good thing, in the initial pursuit of girls, as long as the girl is willing to reply to your message, is a good signal, is also a very good start, continue to keep it.
How long should you talk before dating? But This time do not because the girl is willing to reply to you began to get excited about wanting to talk to the girl a lot of topics, this is a performance that exposes your needs, the correct approach should be to keep the same frequency with the girl in the chat, how long she replied to you, you also how long to reply to her, in the girl does not return to the message when waiting patiently, do not foolishly run to ask the girl why not reply to your message, maybe the next second to The next second, you will be blacked out.

5. Chatting time is appropriate and stop

When you start to open the girl’s heart, it is easy to open the girl’s topic, do not her complacent, after all, you are familiar with the girl at the same time, the girl is familiar with your process, once you are not attractive, there is no place to make her interested, then she will certainly reduce the frequency of chatting with you, so in the pursuit of girls, do not catch an opportunity to talk desperately, appropriate attention The first time, even in the girl excited when the timely shouting stop, to leave her a suspense, in order to make her more interested in you.

6. Mobilize the girl’s emotions

How long should you talk to someone before dating? When emotions reach a positive peak, we will be more willing to accept others, for example, when someone compliments us, will feel good about this person, want to get close to him, so in the chat to mobilize the girl’s emotions, can better close the distance between each other.
Of course, just praise girls, the emotional point will be relatively single, so we must be from “praise” to “flat” to “curious”, several reversals to bring girls emotional better experience.

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