7 Performances Of Insecure Females In Relationships

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What are the performances of insecure females in relationship? In the process of love, most girls have experienced the impulse of “making trouble without reason”. Clearly is not a unreasonable person, so find themselves in hysteria, unreasonable, especially panic.

But in essence, it’s not entirely your fault – more often, it’s because your inner feelings are more sensitive and aware of the neglect of the other party earlier than you, and then produce dissatisfaction, so you can express it in this way.

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7 performances of insecure females in relationship

1. Performance of insecure females in relationship: Less confident than ever

Why there are insecure females in relationship? If you become inferior, please be alert: maybe you are too insecure.

A person will doubt and belittle himself only when there is no support behind him, no encouragement around him and he is constantly shocked.

In love, the specific performance is: when the other party’s behavior makes you feel unimportant again and again, it will shake your self-worth and feel that you are not good enough to be treated like this.

So when you find yourself becoming more self abased, anxious about your appearance, feeling that you don’t have enough money and that you don’t have enough fun, it’s your subconscious that tells you, “you don’t deserve to be loved, you need to be better.”

2. Performance of insecure females in relationship: Negative reaction and pessimistic attitude towards the trend of emotion

When you find that your instincts are negative and pessimistic, it means that you are too insecure.

If you are one of the insecure females in relationship, you will find that if the other party doesn’t reply for a minute, you feel that he is flirting with others; When the other person speaks in a heavier tone, you feel that he doesn’t love you; If the other party is too tired to go to bed early, you think he will turn around and do some shady business.

Generally speaking, when considering the feelings of both sides, you don’t look forward to the future, even have some inexplicable anxiety.

You always imagine that you will be abandoned and cheated; Imagine that the other party will deprive you of your position for other benefits; Imagine that the current stable relationship will not go on in an accident sooner or later.

Your understanding of each other and the trend of your feelings present an instinctive negative evaluation.

3. Performance of insecure females in relationship: The mood went up and down

Adults in their 20s and 30s are easily enslaved to emotions. And many of women are insecure females in relationship.

If you quarrel, you can’t work at ease; If you divide your hands, you want to seek life and death; The other side said a angry word, and thought about it for half a night.

You start to become emotional, and often let your emotions affect your personal life and work, making you sensitive, suspicious and uncontrollable. This is not because of your poor adjustment ability, but your adjustment ability is not enough to resist a relationship that you are too involved in but constantly fail to expect.

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4. Performance of insecure females in relationship: Extreme paranoia, mental dependence

Emotional directly leads to your mental dependence on the other person. He’s like your cocaine. He has to be on call. He can’t get rid of it.

When you think about problems, you begin to be extremely paranoid, and even materialize yourself: figure out how you can win each other’s favor, how you can make each other nostalgic; Spend a lot of time every day studying each other, thinking about each other’s words and deeds, every detail.

It leads to the complete loss of personal life, and the color of personal world gradually darkens and becomes increasingly unattractive.

5. Performance of insecure females in relationship: Worry about gain and loss

In terms of personal experience, the probability of negative emotions in daily life is greatly increased.

You will be inexplicably worried about each other, worried about gain and loss, always thinking about in a place you can’t see what the other party will do to betray you.

Eager to keep in touch with you, but often failed.

6. Performance of insecure females in relationship: The desire for control and possession is abnormal

You begin to reject the other person’s natural sense of privacy and freedom. You hope that all his behaviors are under your control. There will be many restrictions that should not appear, which often suffocate the other person.

He will think that you are extremely paranoid and have problems, but the reason for all this is very simple – even if you have extreme paranoid traits, it will not appear if you are not stimulated; On the contrary, when you feel a strong sense of uneasiness and anxiety in your relationship, you will expose the neuroticism in your personality traits.

7. Performance of insecure females in relationship: Like to test, not to be generous to reveal their own voice

Infinite temptation is the absolute feature of lack of security.

You miss clearly, you still love clearly, you have infinite emotion in your heart, but you never say it directly, because you are not sure about each other’s attitude. Compared with revealing, you prefer to be silent or ironic, use provocative methods to pry into the other party’s real thoughts, and beat around the Bush to find the answers you want.

The above are the performances of insecure females in relationship. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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