3 Tips On How To Make Friends After College

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How to make friends after college? We should not only pay attention to love, avoid being cheated, but also pay attention to making friends! Because not every “friend” is a real friend. After all, falling in love is a relationship between a man and a woman. It can also be regarded as making friends.

So, when making friends, you should know how do you make friends after college. Please note that if your “friend” doesn’t do the following three points, it’s not worth your effort to make friends sincerely! The following are the tips on how to make friends after college.

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3 tips on how to make friends after college

1. How to make friends after college? Honesty between friends

How to make new friends after college? Or how to make friends after college in a new city? In social life, whether a person is honest or not reflects his character to a great extent. Among friends, there is a word “righteousness”.

To be fair, a friend who keeps his promise to you and a friend who often lies to you, which one do you think will tell you his loyalty? Of course, people who are honest may not be suitable for being friends, but people who are not honest must not be suitable for being friends!

When dealing with people, I believe in one sentence: respect is worthy of heaven, respect is not ashamed of people. So, there are many of my friends, even though they have different personalities and come from all over the world.

2. How to make friends after college? Know how to be polite

How to find friends after college? You should know that a friend who is really worthy of deep friendship is not a person who only knows how to ask for something or give something, but a person who has a good relationship with others. Please remember that a friend is not an ATM, nor a garbage can that only listens to you.

ATM also need your bank card money, there are expenses to get money; The garbage can is not bottomless. The garbage in it needs to be cleaned by the cleaner!

Those “friends” who only know how to take blindly only regard you as a tool rather than a friend.

And those who only know how to give friends, you need to tell him that friendship does not need any material support, just a pure feeling. You are friends because you want to be friends with him, not because of what he can give you.

3. How to make friends after college? Friends are equal

Whether a person regards you as a friend depends on whether he regards you as a peer-to-peer person when you get along with each other.

For example, in order to make his performance more obvious, a person with good performance often plays with a few people with poor performance to set off his “stand out from the crowd”. Their relationship seems to be very good, but in fact, it is just the former’s “superficial communication” with a group of tool people in order to highlight his own excellence.

Of course, I just give an example here for reference only. This is certainly not the case in reality. A netizen shared his experience with me. He said that a friend often spoke ill of him in the common social circle. This kind of friend is “superficial communication”!

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When you want know how to make friends after college, maybe he just wants to set off how tall his image is by slandering your image, that’s all.

The sentence “I’m not very good, it’s all set off by my peers”. On the other hand, it’s set off by the inferiority of “peers” to show how good the poor people are!

In addition, the person who only wants to make fun of you but does not allow you to make fun of him is definitely not your friend!

How to make friends after college? I think it’s a kind of equal communication, which has nothing to do with status and wealth! When I get along with each other, I occasionally make some harmless jokes with each other. When I need help, if you can help me, you can help me. If you can’t help me, you don’t force me. I don’t take each other’s help for granted.

When you wondering how to make friends after college, you should know that friends need not only water but also honey. I think, maybe this is a friend.

The above are the tips on how to make friends after college. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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