7 Skills From The Social Skills Guidebook

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How do you think of the social skills guidebook? In modern life, social skills are inevitable unless you can completely ignore what others think of you. Of course, not every social skill you need to know, but at least you need to know some basic social skills. Here are some social skills you can use in your daily life, which abstracted from the social skills guidebook.

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7 skills abstracted from the social skills guidebook

1. Tips from social skills guidebook: Learn to refuse

Once upon a time, I was also a person with a “flattering personality”. I was always embarrassed to refuse anyone’s demands. I lived in the expectation of others and kept pursuing others’ recognition, thinking that only in this way could I reflect my value and significance in the crowd.

However, this way of doing things doesn’t make a person smart in social life. On the contrary, it is easy to offend others. The more subconsciously you please others, the easier it is to be worthless in the eyes of others.

2. Tips from social skills guidebook: When rejecting others, attribute the reason to yourself

Many people are not good at rejecting because they don’t know what kind of wording to use and always feel embarrassed.

A common pattern is to attribute the reason of rejection to yourself, so that you can express the gesture of rejection without making the other party too embarrassed (provided that the other party is a person with normal EQ).

An example from social skills guidebook: “I heard that your writing style is very good, help us write a propaganda copy, roar or not?”

“I’m sorry, I’m busy with an offline activity recently. I don’t have enough time, and the quality of writing in a hurry is also very low. I’m afraid it will delay your publicity.”

3. Tips from social skills guidebook: Change “I can’t” into “can learn”

When your boss asks you to do something, don’t say “I won’t”. Because “I won’t” means: I can’t satisfy the task you gave me, because I can’t use this software, you can find someone else.

If you have ever read the social skills guidebook, you should know the attitude of “I want to learn” is: Although I can’t meet this task in a short time, I am willing to improve myself as soon as possible to meet the demands of the company. These two sentences have opposite effects in the workplace.

4. Tips from social skills guidebook: Don’t radiate negative energy, and remember to stay away from “garbage man”

Yes, the work is very busy, the pressure is very big, the life is very tired, these not only exist in your life, but exist in most people’s life. So please don’t be full of negative energy in social occasions every time. Tell others about your stupid leadership, strange flowers and troublesome work.

Life itself is exhausting, so no one wants to be with a guy with negative energy. Similarly, if you have such a full energy, you can only make complaints about others.

Never quarrel with an idiot, because he will pull you down to the same level with him, and then beat you with rich experience.

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5. Tips from social skills guidebook: Don’t express your opinion when you are in an unstable mood

On social guidebooks, if you are in an extreme emotional moment, such as extreme anger or panic, don’t rush to express your opinions, because it’s easy to regret if you blurt out at this time.

The method I use is to give myself a psychological hint. Whenever I feel angry and want to speak, I always remind myself to take three deep breaths, buffer for five seconds, reorganize the language and then express myself.

6. Tips from social skills guidebook: Don’t explain after making a mistake

When you make a mistake that makes the other person angry, explain the reason once. Don’t explain it again and again. Because the message of repeated explanation is: I’m not wrong, you blame me. The correct way is to explain the reasons, admit the mistakes and avoid them later.

7. Tips from social skills guidebook: Don’t “judge others by yourself”

Your honey, your arsenic. Simple things for you may take an afternoon for the other party; For you to enjoy the things, may let the other party disgust

So don’t simply impose your own views on something on the other party, and take certain things for granted.

The above are something extracted from the social skills guidebook. If you interested you can make other the social skills guidebook review. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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