What To Say When He Won’t Commit

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What to say when he wont commit? He might say: Commitment doesn’t help. We should focus more on the state of our relationship now. I love you, and it’s enough that you know that.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Men and women are animals with two very different minds. Moreover, it is very rational for a man to choose a woman for marriage, a comparison of comprehensive conditions.

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So why are men reluctant to commit? Generally speaking there are the following four reasons.

1. Not good at talking mute men – What to say when he wont commit

Some people are mute by nature, not good at words, not commitment does not mean that he has no expectations and planning for the future in his heart.

What to say when he wont commit? Sweet words, gorgeous promises are just an expression of love, they are not unwilling to commit, just not good at expressing.

Of course you have to shine your eyes to determine whether the other party is unwilling to express or simply has no intention inside.


2. The man of action who believes that commitment is a responsibility
– What to say when he wont commit

They believe that empty promises are meaningless, action care and consideration than the sweet words on the verbal too much.

And within his ability, your requirements he can try to do, outside the ability, he does not give up, but will not easily give a commitment, this kind of is a trustworthy personality.

What to say when he wont commit? When you encounter no contact for a long time to give you a commitment to the man you should instead be careful.

Because both understand women’s hearts, but also can do not philandering man really very little!


3. He only wants to talk about love, just love – What to say when he wont commit   

In this case the man is not planning to develop with you in the long term, so feel no need to give you a commitment, but also do not want to lie to you.

What to say when he wont commit? In fact, this kind of man still has a conscience, at least sincere, compared to those who even coaxed to say a bunch, but only want to fall in love with you emotionally scum too much better.

Of course there is another situation, is that he just want to have fun with you, or even just sleep a sleep.


4. You are not attractive enough to the man, he is not satisfied enough with your relationship
– What to say when he wont commit


What to say when he wont commit? If a man is hesitant to give you a commitment, it is likely that he is not satisfied enough with your value.

Not enough to make him feel that you are worth his hurry to set down, or you will be snatched by others.

Or perhaps, you are not getting along with each other enough for him to feel comfortable and interesting, and he is not satisfied enough with your relationship.

So he is not yet willing to take a stand, feeling that he may be able to find a better one in the future, and would like to see it again.

What to say when he wont commit? Finally, I want to say to all the girls in the relationship because “men do not give commitment” and confused.

Don’t always seek attention, seek results, commitment is actually a vague blank check, security from their own inner certainty.

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How do you get a man to give a commitment?


What to say when he wont commit? There are generally two ways to achieve a goal, change the other person or change yourself. And for women who want commitment from men in love, forcing each other to change is often counterproductive. Because commitment is a kind of water to the thing, forcing each other to make a commitment will only reduce the comfort level of the relationship. The only way to adjust their own mindset and behavior, so that their internal as well as external value-added, often to reap the unexpected effects.


Of course, before making an effort to get the other party’s commitment, we must first clarify, for you, the other party is not the right person, his commitment “gold” how much, is it worth it to you to fight.


What to say when he wont commit? The right person first refers to the balance of feelings to balance. Many girls always think, you do not love me enough now, it does not matter, I am so good to you, sooner or later one day you will want to stay with me for a long time. What to say when he wont commit? But in fact, the emotional output of the two people in the relationship should be equal, in love with someone who does not love them, and self-deception to persist, not only can not wait for commitment, but also make their own suffering.


Secondly, don’t think that “find a person who loves me but I don’t love should be happy for the rest of my life,” and so on, feelings can not be settled. Because even if you temporarily agreed to be with each other, you will feel unwilling after a long time, resulting in not to cherish each other’s contribution, feel that the other side for you to do all things are taken for granted, you will be in the emotional life everywhere with a “I’m with you is a gift to you, you must be unconditionally good to me” is the mentality of sustenance. What to say when he wont commit? This mentality will make the other party feel that you are always a high above the unattainable model, do not feel your love and pay in the relationship, gradually discouraged, and finally give up.


Try to make yourself a better person. What to say when he wont commit? Many times, the reason why a man did not give you commitment is because you are not enough to give him the urge to marry you home. Don’t put your hopes in others, but think about how you can tether his heart. Continuously improve their own temperament charm, when you shine to make each other feel comfortable to put you in the belly, you are still afraid to wait for his commitment?

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