When Someone Doesn’t Trust You For No Reason, Improve 4 Elements

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When someone doesnt trust you for no reason, what should you do? First, you should know what is trust. It is a kind of expectation and judgment of others to you. Others are willing to transfer their own resources to you, so that both sides can get more income through you. It is a kind of investment behavior in the future. At the same time, trust is also a very important part of interpersonal communication, is the beginning of all cooperative relationships!

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Trust, to put it bluntly, is a feeling of people or things, and its ultimate effect is to greatly reduce the cost of communication between the two sides. Therefore, it is particularly important for us to establish a good trust relationship with others in our life! So how do we build that trust? In fact, generally speaking, trust is mainly divided into four elements.

When someone doesnt trust you for no reason, you need establish 4 things

1. When someone doesnt trust you for no reason, improve the capital trust

Capital trust is a kind of trust based on material. For example, when someone doesnt trust you for no reason, the same two people talk about business. One goes by bike, the other drives a luxury car. When the customer meets them for the first time, who will the customer prefer to cooperate with? It’s clear that the client will choose a second person.

Similarly, when a poor man speaks and a rich man speaks, they may both speak the same sentence, but the audience will think that the rich man speaks more reasonable! This is also because the rich have more material and financial base, and people will have more trust in them. Therefore, people’s trust will be judged according to the richness of material, so when you have more material and wealth, others will have a stronger sense of trust in you.

2. When someone doesnt trust you for no reason, improve the knowledge trust

Knowledge trust is a kind of trust based on knowledge and wisdom. When a person knows more and has profound connotation, we will feel that he is trustworthy!

A person full of wisdom, he can let us know ourselves more comprehensively, know the world, and improve our thinking. At the same time, it can help us solve all kinds of troubles and problems, avoid mistakes and reduce the cost of trial and error!

People will more believe in people and things with knowledge and wisdom, which is why we will more trust professionals in a certain field, such as doctors, teachers, lawyers and so on. When someone doesnt trust you for no reason, you should know that this is a kind of respect for knowledge! Therefore, the more professional and insightful you are in a certain field, the more people will trust you!

3. When someone doesnt trust you for no reason, improve the personality trust

Personality trust is a kind of trust based on personal quality. It’s based on individual behavior. For example, your ability, integrity, strong, perseverance, reliable and other qualities.

When someone doesnt trust you for no reason, especially when you have no outstanding performance in other aspects, your personality is the standard for others to consider you. Therefore, in the whole process of interpersonal communication, it is very important to show others their good character.

However, it will take a longer period to generate personality trust, because others need to spend more time to understand you, and it will also be relatively difficult to complete, provided that others are willing to pay attention to you. But once someone recognizes you, that trust can last a lifetime.

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4. When someone doesnt trust you for no reason, improve the authority trust

Authority trust is a kind of trust that people build on social credibility, and if this credibility is given to people or things, we will trust them. For example, we see that every time we introduce others, we will add a title such as “graduated from a famous university” and “founder of a certain brand”, or you will take various examinations and get certificates, so that you will be guaranteed with an authoritative certification.

When someone doesnt trust you for no reason, moreover, in an organization, the more powerful the person is and the higher the prestige is, we will have a strong sense of trust in him, and so will the celebrity effect. Authority trust is the most effective and direct way to convince others. And this kind of trust is more given to you by power.

The above four trust elements basically cover all the ways of trust generation. At the same time, capital trust, knowledge trust, personality trust and authority trust are not independent of each other. The more elements you have, the easier it will be to gain others’ trust. Therefore, we need to build our own image, build our own professional quality, improve our social cognition and enhance our organizational class. Keep working towards these four aspects, so that more and more people will trust you!

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