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Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: An economist said, “The so-called marriage, but two people in partnership to run a business, sign a contract, run a family business, signed a lifetime wholesale futures contract.”

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Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: In life, we habitually believe that marriage should be only about “love” and avoid “profit” place.

So much so that most couples get along, but all involve something other than feelings, even if they do have a need, they are too shy to ask.

The actual marriage is not absolutely secure by virtue of feelings alone.

The real long-lasting marriage, precisely need to rely on the “interests” to maintain.




Marriage, is the reality of the food and oil

I have heard this sentence.

“Love is romantic, marriage is realistic, when the reality of the oil and salt, instead of the flowers, when the tender feelings into the daily life of the fragmented, when everything comes to a dull, we have to go together to face the reality of life.”

Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: We often think that marriage is to carry a true heart, all the love, any problems will be “love” melted, by “love” to solve.

But countless facts remind us that “love” will eventually be defeated by the trivialities and realities of marriage.

Jane Austen once said.

“Marriage, only consider the family is ridiculous, do not consider the family is stupid!”

Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: Marriage is not a fairy tale, only those who have been married understand, it is a real life based on love.

Love is only the foundation, a trivial and the reality of the food and salt is its essence.

If only because of the fantasy of the wind and snow into this siege, will eventually be smashed by reality, regret to exit.

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“Interest”, is the basis for the stability of marriage

Read a story.

A high school classmate returned to China, business earned several million.

At a party, a friend joked with his wife: “You have to take good care of him, or he may abandon you at any time, after all, people become bad when they have money.”

Upon hearing this, his wife, instead of being angry, replied with a smile on her face.

“I don’t worry about that at all, he will definitely not separate from me, because he took the initiative to give me all the customer information for my peace of mind, and how could he bear to abandon me?”

Some years later, as his wife said, the two people are still lovingly staying with each other.

Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: The two conversations, although joking between friends, contain a truth.

“Interest”, is the basis for maintaining the stability of marriage.



The famous philosopher Holbach said, “Interest, is the driving force of all human action.”

Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: The difference is that the “interest” in marriage does not only refer to money, but also includes the companionship, encouragement, tolerance, recognition, understanding and respect of the lover.

Money is only one of the many “benefits” in marriage, it is not the only one.

In terms of marriage, no matter what kind of “benefits”, when we have “profit” can be received, it is more willing to continue; and no “profit” can be made, the marriage will also collapse.

Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: “Interest”, like the glue between the couple, the right time to use will make the relationship more solid.

If you only want to rely on feelings to maintain, with the passage of time, each other is destined to go farther and farther away, the more love the lighter.





Mutual benefit” is the key to a balanced and long-lasting marriage

Romain Rolland once said.

“In marriage, everyone has to give and at the same time take something back, this is the law of supply and demand.”

Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: There is no shortage of such situations around us.

Because of love, the other party wants what we will give, even when he did not even think about what he wants, we also give him without asking for anything in return, to meet his various needs. As a result, the more you give the more faint feelings, the more you give the more dangerous the marriage.

The reason for this, on the one hand, is that we give too much, but have not gotten any harvest, gradually tired; on the other hand, the other side of the long-term unearned, and gradually think that everything is rightfully yours.



Slowly, each other lost the balance, the marriage is doomed to failure, only when the harvest and pay relatively balanced, the marriage can last.

“Expectations and give imbalance, the marriage must be out of balance.”

Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: We often say, money out of money, no money out of strength, is to prevent each other “interests” out of balance.

Perhaps, we will give selflessly because of love, but please do not forget, do not expect anything in return, just give, will only make the balance of the marriage imbalance, feelings become fragmented.

Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: Marriage is always a combination of two complete and independent individuals, the only “interest” balance, the relationship can last.



Lack of reciprocity in relationships quotes: The perfect marriage is inseparable from giving to each other, to please each other, and the first step to please is to express “interest”, so that each other to understand each other better.

Therefore, a good marriage is never afraid to talk about “benefits”, because “benefits” is the premise of a long-lasting marriage.

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