Teenage Breakups: Pure Love

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Teenage breakups: Do you remember the one you liked when you were young? It is said that children do not understand love, but in fact, teenage love will make people remember more deeply.

Why do the feelings of young people will be unforgettable?

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Teenage breakups: When you are young, like a person’s eyes a movement will make you deer in the headlights

If you meet on campus, you will feel a sense of happiness.

In the seven days a week, five days in school, even if only two days are not in.

Every weekend, I look forward to seeing them earlier.

If I can ride the same bus to and from school, I feel like the happiest person in the world.

If the teacher asks a question about yourself and your favorite person in class, you will feel “lucky”.

And then blush in the coaxing of classmates.


Teenage breakups:

No one can say sweet words of love.

Just the smile when the eyes meet is better than all the beauty in the world.

The idea that as long as two people like each other, they can withstand all difficulties

This kind of simple feelings is the most let us stay.

Because we are no longer young, we are missing this kind of simple, simple.

Because it is rare and valuable, so it is doubly unforgettable.

Simple happiness, simple eyes, simple beauty.






Teenage breakups:

When we were young, we had nothing.

The only thing in our eyes and hearts is the person we like.

No requirements for each other.

Everything is going naturally, very comfortable and happy.

Even if nothing happens when two people get together.

Will be happy to let go of themselves.

And this happy will not fade away.

All the heartbeat, will be around the person you like;


Teenage breakups:

All the gestures and movements are not mixed with any performance,

That kind of real and joyful is unforgettable.

We have nothing to show to each other only simple, simple and sincere.

Because when we were young, we did not know what desire was.

But now we know that desire is the driving force for all people to pursue progress.

That’s why we no longer have “nothing” when we work hard.

Maybe what we miss is the love we had when we were young.

Maybe we miss the love we had when we were young.

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Be honest with each other

Teenage breakups:

Those years we did not have our own cell phones.

All the misses are hidden in the eyes or word like jade nestled in a note.

Even if we got a cell phone.

The first thing that comes to mind is to send a message to the person you like.

The first thing that comes to mind is to send a message to the person you like. After logging on to the communication software, you can’t help but be happy to see the avatar that turns from gray to bright.


Teenage breakups:

All the misses are turned into one sentence: “What are you doing?”

Back then, we were the ones who had a plain face.

Whether it’s a young face or a simple heart.

The most honest side of us was presented.

When we saw someone we liked playing with another person of the opposite sex, we would lose the whole day.


Teenage breakups:

The word “sad” is printed on the young face.

All the things are not hidden.

All the joy and sorrow are the most real.

Those years of the boom.

Now I can only remember some fragmentary fragments.

But the heartbeat from the touch of the fingertips is still unforgettable.




How to get rid of sadness after a breakup?

Teenage breakups:

After a breakup, it is inevitable that from time to time there is a strong desire to love and be loved, but at the moment there is no one else, the former is not here, the next person has not yet appeared.

“How about pretending you have the perfect lover right now!”

Teenage breakups: That’s how I realized that if I were him at this moment, I would immediately change the way I talk to myself.

He certainly wouldn’t have rudely said to me, “Are you stupid?” These are the words of self-criticism that are so familiar in our heads.

And he, when I was sad, would look at me with loving eyes, would call me “honey”, “baby”, “sweetheart”, would wrap me in a soft blanket, would light a candle for me, would make a cup of hot cocoa. Teenage breakup advice: He would wrap me in a soft blanket, light a candle for me, and make a cup of hot cocoa. He would listen to my angst, hold me and say, “I’m listening,” “You didn’t do anything wrong,” and, “You deserve to be loved with or without me.”



Teenage breakup advice:

Use pain as a compass to pursue the meaning of your life

Teenage breakups: When intimacy retreats from your priorities for a while, you also become have plenty of time to plow through the meaning of your life.

Finding meaning in your life is not the same thing as using a lot of “work” to escape your emotions, as mentioned earlier.

Meaning cannot come out of nowhere, independent of your true feelings. On the contrary, your strongest feelings of pain are precisely the compass of meaning.


Teenage breakup advice: For example, what I regret most in this recent relationship is that there are still certain times when I put myself down, so that I will remind myself to meet my own needs without apologies, and not to put away my power so easily that someone will naturally appreciate all of you. And it has become one of my life’s purposes to help others blossom into their true beauty and power.

When “negative” emotions are connected to the meaning of life, it is like building a set of hydraulic engineering, and the violent flood is gently guided to irrigate your heart and turn the waterwheel of life.

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