Does Alcohol That Make You Hornier?

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Can alcohol that make you hornier? A lot of times, alcohol can make people have the impulse to take off their clothes. Most people think that having sex becomes more exciting after a few drinks. But does wine make you hornier? How does alcohol make you hornier?

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Is there any scientific basis for alcohol that make you hornier?

Why does alcohol make you hornier? The brain is the largest sexual organ of the human body, any material that can affect the mind will have a significant impact on the sex life. The function of alcohol is to turn off the “reserved” function of the brain, make people relax their vigilance and act more impulsively and boldly.

For example, antioxidants in wine can help increase genital blood flow, and small doses of alcohol can make people feel unstoppable.

In addition, alcohol can help dilate blood vessels. “The clitoris, labia and vagina will become congested.” Many girls say that they are more likely to lose their bodies after drinking, but the pleasure will soon end and it is difficult for them to reach climax.

Does red wine make you hornier? Or what drinks make you hornier? There is one thing you should know that alcohol is not an aphrodisiac. Because alcohol can reduce depression and increase excitement, some people mistakenly believe that alcohol is equivalent to the effect of aphrodisiac.

But in fact, alcohol can not make people become more lustful, because those sexual fantasies and desires already exist in the mind. After drinking, the brain turns off the function of inner justice villain to warn people that “this is not good”, weakening people’s moral sense at the social level, and acting more in accordance with the biological level of desire.

Alcohol that make you hornier but you may have a bed experience on bed

1. Alcohol that make you hornier makes it harder to control your body

Normally, when the genitals receive pleasant stimulation, the brain turns these feelings into excitement, but with the intake of alcohol, these feelings become dull, so the genitals may become less sensitive. This is because alcohol suppresses the central nervous system and weakens the connection between the brain and sexual organs.

2. Alcohol that make you hornier and the experience of having sex after drinking is worse

For men, it is not easy to have an erection after getting drunk, which is very common in life, usually because penis stimulation can not be effectively transmitted to the brain, making it difficult for them to have an erection or maintain an erection.

Even if they have an erection, the penis is quite weak, but for some people, even if they can’t have a strong erection after drinking, they can still love.

For women, alcohol can also make the vagina dry, which is caused by alcohol dehydration. For those women who are close to or already in menopause, due to hormonal changes, vaginal dryness has appeared, and alcohol will only make the problem more serious.

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3. Alcohol that make you hornier and it’s hard to for you to have an orgasm after drinking

Alcohol can completely delay ejaculation or even make people unable to ejaculate, because the sensation becomes dull and the penis can’t fulfill its full potential.

Clitoral and vaginal orgasm is also very difficult to obtain, even because of individual differences, some women may feel hot after a glass of wine, but it is still quite difficult to make her orgasm.

4. Alcohol that make you hornier, and when you are drunk, it’s easier to get hurt during sex

After a drunken night, when you wake up with a lot of bruises, you can’t remember what happened last night. It’s a bit bad. There are these common injuries in drunken sex: pain caused by lack of lubrication in the vagina, bruises caused by accidentally bumping into the bedside table, or many bite marks on the body

Therefore, don’t forget yourself at the party. If you want to have a good time after drinking, proper lubrication is very important. If you don’t know when the other party needs lubricating oil, you’d better slow down to avoid hurting him or her.

5. Alcohol that make you hornier and alcohol can blur judgment and easily lead to dangerous sexual behavior

Alcohol can easily make people irrational, in which case people may forget to take out condoms. Or even more terrible: the other party is clearly struggling, shouting no, but you think: “right and wrong”, it is estimated that the one who meets you is in jail.

Does alcohol that make you hornier? The answer is no and it’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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