Is A Break A Breakup: Maybe Is NO

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Is a break a breakup? Many boys may not understand the idea of girls, for example, some girls obviously do not want to break up, just a small friction with the boys on the impulse to say break up; of course, there may be girls are after careful consideration to say the break up. That boys how to determine the girl said break up is really want to break up?


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According to the girl said break up performance

1. When a girl really decided to break up, her attitude towards you is heartless, is disappointed in you, there is no mercy for you. Break up is hard to do. She loves you, you are more sloppy she also think she can change you, she does not love you, you do anything to please her, she will ignore your changes and efforts.


2. And a girl disappointed in you to the top, will not really go back, she said to you, do things, say the story are incredibly perfunctory, desperately want to avoid contact with you, to others can be cheeky, on the contrary, you are very cold. No noise, no fuss, unusually quiet. Break up is hard to do. There may have been other suitors on the phone, she did not refuse, nor did she admit to having a boyfriend, which is a complete death to you, has no hope for you. As long as there is a chance to leave you, absolutely no head back.

What is a breakup? In summary: the girl wants to break up, it is very simple, silent, calm, head clear, everything you do in her heart will not stir up waves wait until she thinks, forget it, she will be very calm, eyes empty and you say we break up.


1. If the girl said break up is with tears, red eyes, and you say let’s break up, then you have to reflect on yourself, you in the end let her accumulate how much disappointment led her so sad to give up on you, give up on this relationship. She obviously still loves you so much. Break up is hard to do.You really need to seriously say a sorry, give me another chance, you’ll all give me change. Either that or you let people go. If she is loud and rowdy, scolded you dog, angry and you say we break up, then you will kiss and hug and beg.

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According to the girl’s character analysis

1. Often angry girls say break up is mostly want you to coax her, this kind of girls really want to break up words are very calm to say, you have to pay attention to her emotional changes. Is a break a breakup? And usually more stable, quiet girl, she just say break up that must be serious. Rational girls do not need love. Some girls are more insecure, lack of self-confidence, will be afraid of losing you, but also because of immaturity will say break up, this time she just want to get your attention, want to break up to threaten you just a little. And some mature girls will only break up when they really want to break up, usually not to break up as a threat.


2. If the boy does not know the girl said break up is really want to break up? Then try to coax her and see if she will give you a response. Is a break a breakup? If the girl let you stop pestering, or even pull black to delete you, then the girl is really first break up. If you coax her she will still respond, and even accuse you, count you, that she is still want to very continue.



Is a break a breakup? In the quarrel process, the intense mood swings make us too late to think, will only go along with each other’s words, each other’s thoughts to argue. If the other party says a hurtful word, we will only return a more hurtful word. So a breakup, really is not love? In fact, it may just be the other party’s “fake breakup” to make you care more to pay attention to him.


1. Used to leave to get close to you

Is a break a breakup? People who often say break up, always hard to part with the happy together. Some girls may say break up with her boyfriend three times a month because they didn’t pick up the phone in time, because they didn’t buy her a bag that she liked, or even if the other party was just a few minutes late. A little something may become the reason she said break up.

In fact, this phenomenon is a type of “fake breakup”: habitual breakup. Perhaps they are not very satisfied with the relationship, there is no absolute security, looking forward to the breakup of this thing to stimulate each other, so as to get more satisfaction.

Is a break a breakup? This “breakup” of the emotional demand, become their way to solve the problem, but this is not intentional, some are caused by the insecurity of the family of origin.


2. It’s false to say that you don’t love anymore

Is a break a breakup? There is no reason no reason to break up, just help a female colleague to send a thing, she proposed a breakup, but there have been such cases before ah. Maybe it’s the accumulation of long-term negative emotions, disappointment more, choose not to wait.

The heart is looking forward to continue to be loved, but the unspeakable compassion is unable to stand the cold and hot attitude. Is a break a breakup? This is another kind of “fake breakup”: explosive breakup. In the usual get together, both sides are very committed to feelings, the state of feelings is very stable, but to a certain point can not stand the realm, the emotions suddenly out of control.

What is a breakup? Often do not want to continue the majority of the components, and feel that the other side is no longer worth it. However, in retrospect, it is just a feeling of lack of love.

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