Why He Always Texts Me Back But Never Texts Me First?

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Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? I believe you must have met such a person, in your ambiguous stage, whenever you send him a message, he will return to you, but you never get his active greetings, whether it is good morning or good night.

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It’s always me who send the message first and then the he never texts me first but always replies. You thought that in this relationship, the ambiguous time has been long enough, and you can start to enter the next stage, but there must be a big question, why the other party will return your message, but never take the initiative to contact you, in fact, the main reasons are these three.

3 reasons on why he always texts me back but never texts me first

1. Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? He has a delicate relationship with you and dare not take the initiative to disturb you

He never texts first but always replies. I believe you will have a childhood sweetheart who you have known since childhood. For his existence, it will cause a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings. For example, friends around you mistakenly think that you two are actually secretly associating.

But in fact, you are just very good friends. Like this type of boy, generally will not take the initiative to send you a message, the main reason is that the relationship with you is too subtle, although not lovers, but has a deeper relationship than ordinary friends, so will take the initiative to avoid some trouble, and deliberately avoid getting along with you.

Such boys can only be said to have very positive three views. For them, as long as they are not their girlfriends, they should not have any intimate relationship.

2. Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? He only regards you as an ordinary friend and doesn’t want to make friends

If in the process of getting along with you two, he always just answers your message, but doesn’t take the initiative to greet you, then most of them just regard you as their ordinary friends and don’t want to make friends.

Why he never texts me first but always replies fast? Because for them, ordinary friends only need to stand up and answer your doubts when solving problems. They don’t need to chat every day. Such behavior is really ambiguous, so they will take the initiative to avoid such things.

Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? If he is such an attitude, then you should give up the relationship as soon as possible, because the other party really does not have any idea of you.

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3. Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? He doesn’t care about you. He takes you as his second choice

In a relationship, if a boy really loves someone, he will hope that no matter when he is, he will be able to accompany him. If he is not around, he will need to master the whereabouts of every minute.

But if the other party doesn’t ask you these questions, it’s just that they don’t feel for you. But if they will keep chatting everyday, you should be careful, because the other party will probably just treat you as a second choice. They will find you when they need warmth and company, but once the person they like appears, you will be completely forgotten.

The best love needs to go both ways. If you are only working hard unilaterally, then this kind of love doesn’t need to continue. After all, if you work hard, you will be very tired.

Why he always texts me back but never texts me first? You should know that even if you really love each other, can persist for a period of time, but this is not understood life, in the long run, or will be tired of you, then the final result of this relationship or choose to end.

Instead of falling in love with someone who doesn’t feel for you, it’s better to find someone who is really worth your liking and giving everything for him. If she only returns your news occasionally, but never cares about your ordinary life, it’s better to let go as soon as possible.

The above are the reason on why he always texts me back but never texts me first. It’s never easy to meet the right person. When you find that you have missed the one you once loved, you still have to be full of hope for her or him in the future. If you want to find anyone to listen to your sad stories, come to BothLive and meet your soul mate.

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