Why Does God Break Up Relationships

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Why does god break up relationships? If this question were to be answered by God, God would probably say it was because there was no destiny.

Many people break up when they ask their exes why they want to break up, and this time your ex won’t be honest enough to tell you why.

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Why would a man want to break up?

Why does god break up relationships? Many people choose to escape after being dumped, to escape what it is, to avoid facing the real situation, because of the sudden, because they are not ready, more because they can not accept being kicked away by their beloved one, once he was holding you in the palm of his hand, the pursuit of your time is willing to do anything for you.

Why does god allow breakups? I know that this emotion, not a moment to be able to accept, but it can not be denied that the sooner you accept, the sooner you find the problem, the more beneficial to your recovery, the more you indulge, the more irrational you are, the less calm you are, you will only miss more opportunities to get him back.


Why does god break up relationships? Men will not break up for no reason, because men’s breakups are generally deliberate, and women say breakups are impulsive, so find his hidden reasons for breaking up as soon as possible, you will be able to get back together at the fastest speed, why is the hidden reasons for breaking up, because he broke up with you to say the reasons, often are not real.




Why does god break up relationships? Men always say, we do not fit the character, there are many even cold violence to force you to break up, they do not want to be a sinner, so they even if it is not suitable, to be able to endure the situation, will certainly endure until you can not stand it, so find out the hidden reasons for the breakup, is the first thing you do.

You can start with three aspects.

Why does god break up relationships? First, you have had differences between you, once why you quarrel the most, is he no time to accompany you, or not enough for you, these are mapped to his inner real feelings, feel not free enough, do not want to be bound by you, think you egg on the bone, so he will let go.


Why does god break up relationships? Second, your temper, if you are irritable temper, over time, it is likely that because of a momentary outbreak, so that he can not tolerate, after all, he can not be a lifetime without temper ah, third, some reality can not change the fact that, for example, long-distance love, parental opposition, income does not meet expectations and so on.



Reasons for breaking up

Why does god break up relationships? According to statistics, the most common hidden reason for men to break up is that he feels you have no future, the word future seems very far away, whether you believe it or not, men from the beginning of chasing you, has been in the heart of the calculations, this woman can not marry home, you think he is silly, he is actually not silly at all.


Why does god allow breakups?He will get along with you through the usual, your overall quality of silent scoring, if you step on his bottom line more times over time, he will be a one-time outbreak to you see, many women are always prone to favor arrogance, think that men will be so loving her for life, in fact, men are also an ordinary person.


Why does god break up relationships? You have emotions, he also has, the difference is that he is waiting for you to discover yourself, he will not tell you will not complain, because he is a man in front of you, but this does not mean that he does not need your pampering, does not mean that you can ignore his feelings, why always say that men like gentle women, in fact, this tenderness is a kind of understanding soul beauty.


How to heal yourself after a breakup?

1. Active help

Why does god break up relationships? Usually this step is more difficult, because we often like to tell the world when we fall in love, can’t wait for the world to fall in love with them; breakups are alone licking their wounds, encountering acquaintances want to flash past, lest the other party did not see themselves; sometimes even want to find a hole in the ground, and disappear from this world. So learning to ask for help is a key step, especially when you feel that you can’t really hold on by yourself, don’t force yourself to hold on and hold on.


2. Narrative therapy

Why does god break up relationships? If the above methods do not work, then there is a unique secret – narrative therapy. If you do not want to leave it to others, hoping to rely on their own strength to deal with the breakup, then narrative therapy is a good choice, the operation is also relatively simple, is to write the text (not the kind of writing articles), the text is written for their own eyes. About the text, you can write what you want to write, the content recorded may not be the same day, but all the things you and the other person to get along with the feelings and reflections related to it, as well as for the reflection of the re-reflection can be included in the text. It may be better if you have a partner who understands narrative therapy to read your text after writing it and have a dialogue with you about the content of the text.


3. Reduce solitude

Why does god break up relationships? As mentioned above, during the initial period of lost love, you often like to be alone, do not want to see people, and even do not want to go out to see the sun, always feel at home is the most comfortable state. I would like the world to ignore me, and I do not want to care about the world. This is likely to cause a situation, is into a depressed emotions difficult to extricate themselves, which is not conducive to self-repair.

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