Wish You Happy Breakup

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Wish you happy breakup: Happy breakup, wishing you a happy life, you can live better, waving goodbye to the wrong to meet with the right. There are always many unexpected surprises waiting in life.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.



Happy breakup movie: You should not hurt others because you have been hurt, and you should not allow others to start looking for happiness because you have not found it.

Wish you happy breakup: I remember when my friend just broke up with me, she wanted to be a “slag” because she found that people just slag a little, it will not be easy to get hurt, it will be able to get out of the whirlpool of feelings, she said this is the truth learned from the former.

Because I don’t want to be hurt, so I hope to become the same as the person who hurt himself, she thought that the next time he fell in love should be able to retreat as he did at the beginning, not as scarred as it is now. But she forgot that that person hurt her in this way, and if she becomes the same as him, then she will definitely hurt another person, and the person who will be hurt as much as she is, should be a person who loves her very much.


Happy breakup movie: I asked her: Do you like the look of the person who hurt you? Why become the person you once hated? Why do you want to hurt an innocent person just because you’ve been hurt?

In the face of my question, she was speechless, teary-eyed smile to face.

A while ago she suddenly told me she wanted to fall in love, I asked her what the reason for this sudden idea was, she said it was because she suddenly remembered her predecessor and took a look at his dynamics and found that he had changed his personality signature to the one he had when he met her.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. But now this has become a fleeting past, his words seem to be a return to his original intention of finding a woman who knows him and understands her, but that person is no longer her, and this reality and reasoning she does not understand, but still can not help but have a ripple in the heart.


Wish you happy breakup: She told me she let go of the relationship, but she knew she hadn’t forgotten this person, even though she knew in her own heart that there would be no more possibilities and interactions between the two, and she didn’t even think about continuing. But the reason why still care because “can not swallow that breath”, because they have not let go, have not started a new happiness, why he can so seem so easy to put down, why he can first have a new happiness.

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Wish you happy breakup: I laughed and asked her: are people so selfish, because they can’t others are not allowed, obviously you are already two unrelated people, his search for happiness will not affect your search for happiness, your search for happiness does not affect his search for happiness, why do you not allow others to find it first if you have not found it?



“One should treat the past as growth, treat growth as a prologue, and then allow a better self to meet and treat future people with a better outlook.” This is the comfort I gave her.

Wish you happy breakup: We all know that the place where we have been hurt will be scarred, and the scarred place is actually the hardest place, but if we only think of the scar as a hurt, and pour salt on our own heart against the scar that has been healed, it will only make the scar that has obviously healed become a wound that will never heal, and will even infect other healthy places.


But if we take the scars as the “badge” of growth, then it is a reminder to warn ourselves not to get hurt again, and it is also the most powerful shield to help us resist danger when we encounter it again.



Wish you happy breakup: “Do not think of the past, do not fear the future. Do not let down the people in the past, do not let down yourself now, do not let down the people you will meet.” This is my own life experience.


What is the past? In this long road of life, the past should represent the things we have experienced, but also the things we have learned. What you should do to become a better person is to keep moving forward, not to get stuck in the past and stop at the same place.

Wish you happy breakup: She should still change and become a person who is no longer so blind in love, no longer pretentious and pretentious, and this should be the scar and growth left by this “wound” to her.

Wish you happy breakup: As a friend I’m actually a bit glad at the moment, because she finally experienced love know what love is like, although she met a fruitless love, but this love will let her out after looking back, and to grow. Let her know more clearly what kind of person she wants to choose in the future, know what kind of person she is suitable for, how to take better care of a relationship.



Wish you happy breakup: Happy breakup, wish you happiness, you will find a better one.” This is the song I gave her and all the people who broke up and couldn’t let go of their ex.

I don’t know what kind of breakup others are in, and I don’t know if there will be anyone like me, who has been holding a “thankful” heart for his ex after breaking up with him. Although we are not considered a peaceful breakup, once I also “hate”, “resentment”, but in my heart left the most and the longest feelings should still be “grateful”, although friends It is difficult to understand my feelings, but I still insist on maintaining this gratitude.

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