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Dating app template: After you meet on the online dating software, offline meeting is more important, together with a look at the things to pay attention to when dating offline.

On the road of love, dating is the way to go, and successful dating can be a homeopathic way to firmly grasp love and not let it run away.

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So as a guy you know dating need to pay attention to those matters?

1. Have a plan for dating – Dating app template

Tinder mockup: How can a date be less strategic and planned? The first thing you need to do before you go on a date is to think about the location of the date, how to communicate when you meet, what to do after the date and how to successfully attract each other on the date, etc. Such a planned approach to dating, in addition to increasing the success rate, can often successfully avoid the various dilemmas that arise when dating. On the contrary, without a planned date, it is easy to have a broken date, meet awkward state, and will give the woman a feeling of not paying enough attention to each other, do not take the date seriously, so that the original good date is greatly reduced.


2. Dress up yourself, improve the charm value – Dating app template

A complete stranger in front of the opposite sex, the first glance of the feeling is particularly important to the development of a relationship, so the appearance of the date is also an aspect we have to focus on. Imagine, if you are a girl dating the object at first glance to give you the impression of a scruffy beard, you are still in the mood to continue to date with each other? So before the date, pick a good set of suitable for their own dress is to each other’s respect, if you know how to match, trim their own, but also to add their own charm of the weapon.


3. Meet the first time to praise each other – Dating app template

When you meet a girl, no matter how mediocre dress, please believe that this is her carefully selected. So please don’t be harsh with your words of praise, because praise can bring you closer to each other, let each other eliminate the wariness, as well as the awkwardness of the first meeting. The first compliment is more conducive to the progress of the date.


4. Use the order to reflect your tender and considerate – Dating app template

Dating is inevitable is the meal, you can ask each other when ordering what kind of dishes they like, to reflect their own thoughtfulness and respect. Of course, the other party may be in the way of face and other issues well not mean to speak, you have to learn to help her take the idea, not to embarrass her. After the meal, take the initiative to pay the bill, friendly attitude to the wait staff, to show your gentlemanly style.


5. When communicating, pay attention to small details – Dating app template.

When you climb together, or raise a certain topic, the other party’s eyes flashing, from time to time playing with the small things around, please terminate the topic, because the other party is not interested in this topic. The other party does not want to talk about things, do not ask, know how to stop, read the language is the sign of a good man.


6. Offer to send her home – Dating app template

People should know how to have an end, after the date, please take the initiative to send each other home, not only to give each other a sense of security, successful for the next date to do a good pavement, and then send the girl home on the way can often reap the unexpected surprises. Even after the date, you find that the other party does not meet the requirements of your significant other, please also take the initiative to send her home, because this is a dating boy should have the courtesy and respect.

A good date is the cornerstone of a good relationship, as boys should learn to show their tenderness and consideration in dating, to be a polite, will respect, have the manners, have the temperature of the boys. Be a boy who will date, attract each other in dating, guide each other, let love take root in dating.

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What should girls pay attention to?


1. Skirt should not be too short

Dating app template: Too short skirt appears girls frivolous, it is recommended to pick a long skirt or length of the skirt covering the knee, both female sexy, but not lose respect.


2. Makeup should not be too thick

Dating app template: Natural and fresh makeup is welcomed by everyone, makeup is too thick and looks too sultry. Light makeup is the most appropriate, to give the best state of the skin, but also to make people full of spirit.


3. Appropriate speech and behavior

Tinder mockup: If you are meeting for the first time, it is best not to touch private sexual issues, everyone has their own principles, unauthorized to ask boys privacy is not advocated behavior. If you meet several times, there is a willingness to interact, the two sides have some understanding, this time it is possible to ask.


4. Keep smiling

Dating app template: Smile is the most beautiful language, dating some awkward, you can use a smile to carry over, love to smile the girl’s luck is not too bad, especially a smile is very good-looking girls, but also gives a sweet, pure feeling.


5. Have confidence in yourself

Tinder mockup: No matter what time it is needed, building confidence is a prerequisite for one’s success, have confidence in yourself, believe in your own abilities, don’t be afraid of anything, treat it as an ordinary date.

There are many things to pay attention to when dating girls, the image outside is part of it, good grooming and family education is another part, be a confident, simple, honest girl, it is best to be yourself.

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