The Breakup Cast: Love & Ex

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The breakup cast: Many breakups in TV dramas come to the end of the story and the two actors are back together again. But in real life after many people break up, they will not have any contact with each other again.

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So how do we get the right ex back?


1. The type of breakup determines the recovery time

The breakup actors: General breakup is divided into real breakup and fake breakup. The biggest difference between the two is whether the two sides are sensible. The real breakup is after serious thinking after the decision, fake breakup is generally emotional impulse behavior, and does not really want to break up. The majority of women who break up are fake breakups, and most of them want their boyfriends to admit their mistakes or want them to make them happy.

From the point of view of the ease of recovery, fake breakups are easier to recover than real breakups, and the recovery time is relatively short, but if the fake breakup misses the recovery time will also evolve into a real breakup.


2. True breakup recovery

The breakup cast: True breakup is divided into two kinds, contradictory accumulative breakup and transitive breakup.


1) the accumulation of contradictions breakup

The breakup cast: Accumulative breakup is mainly two people produce conflict, has been unable to solve, and finally both sides are tired, feel aggrieved, have no choice but to break up.

For example: two people have been in love for many years, the girl often quarrel with her boyfriend. At first, the boyfriend was humble and apologized to her. After a long time, the boy is tired, do not want to persist, and then break up.

The breakup cast: This kind of breakup recovery generally depends on the degree of conflict accumulation.

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2) Turning breakup

The breakup cast: Turning breakup generally refers to some objective factors in life, resulting in two people can not be together. For example: because one party suddenly left the country, resulting in a long distance; one party has a major disease, etc..

Generally such a breakup is difficult to recover, if you can not change the objective conditions or can not find a better solution, it is difficult to recover.

The breakup cast: The most common is the accumulation of contradictions breakup, the accumulation of contradictions breakup, a short period of time can not solve the problem, may be one party has been tolerated. This time forcibly resolve the conflict will instead trigger the other party’s emotions, the most important thing is to buck the relationship between the two people. The breakup cast: Because with emotions to solve the problem will only make the problem worse, and can not achieve good results. This time do not and the other side against each other, or will only touch a nose.


The breakup cast: The other party should also be judged according to the character of the other party, generally heavy feelings of the people is very difficult to put down, and in the period of disconnection there is a memory beautification period, in the premise that you do not pester each other, the other party will remember your good memories. The breakup cast: So you have to find each other’s emotional window and take the initiative to give each other a step. If the other party is the kind of determined people, you have to re-use their own value to attract each other.




Emotional out-of-control period

The breakup actors: For people who truly love each other, no matter who proposed the breakup, two people will be particularly painful, so there will be the phenomenon of emotional loss of control. At this time, the boy may go out with friends to drink, bounce, and even more exciting than before. Girls will usually cry all night long and find girlfriends to talk to. Both the boys’ indulgence and the girls’ crying are a phenomenon of emotional loss of control, just in different forms of expression.

The breakup cast: This time the other side are immersed in their own emotions, have no time to care about others, so it is useless for you to go to the other side.

The boy will feel that you are affecting his pursuit of a better life, and the girl feels that you are now just superfluous. If you blindly pester each other, you may also let each other directly pull you black or even delete.



The breakup cast: Emotional out-of-control period in the two people are very painful, mention the breakup of people want to get more freedom, was broken up into anxiety, sad emotions, want to urgently restore each other. So many recovery people are making a lot of mistakes here. The breakup cast: Either pestering each other, or running to the other person’s residence to hound them. If you do this, you can be sure to tell you, you will not be able to get each other back, only to accelerate each other away from your feet.



The breakup cast: If you want to get each other back, you should learn not to follow the usual rules, try to reduce some contact, give each other a cool time to review the true value of this relationship or your gains and losses in this relationship. Disconnection will not immediately improve the relationship but at the very least will not make the relationship worse.

What should we do next?

The breakup cast: First you need to control your own needs. For example: do not bother each other too much, or eager to find each other back together. You need to understand each other’s inner demands, now at this stage, she only wants to clear, need a quiet space, so you have to meet her. The temporary disconnection will allow the other party to let down their guard. The breakup cast: Don’t worry about being replaced by a new lover during the disconnection, on the one hand, disconnection is not to keep you out of touch for a long time, just disconnection for about 1 week. On the other hand, even if you meet a new lover, it does not mean that the new lover is better than you, your position in her heart is irreplaceable. So don’t burden yourself.



The breakup cast: The process of recovery is the process of psychological gaming, you catch the other party’s psychology can increase the success rate of recovery to a certain extent, so do your own thing at the moment, work and live well, do not focus on each other, and do not over-interpret the other party’s dynamics, because the other party’s words and actions suffer.


When you give the other side some space to relax, but will let them regain curiosity about you, slowly put down the prejudice and antipathy towards you.

The breakup cast: If you have not pestered each other and given them the space and freedom they need, your relationship has a lot of room to ease up. If you want to win each other back, you have to wait for each other to come out of the negative emotions, and then use the appropriate methods to attract each other.

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