Bad Relationship Memes

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Bad Relationship Memes:

You are a dream that I have never finished in my life

And I am a wind that blows in your mind

Once I also thought we could be together for a long time…


How many days to build Rome

But you tore down the walls overnight

Many people are scattered without the wind blowing

In the end, there is no way to change a goodbye.


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Bad Relationship Memes:

You said the reality and the dream

Why is there a long gap

Sometimes those so-called promises

are just words that are not meant to be heard

Just a simple word

You’ll think about it all the time

You don’t know that many things

The person who listens remembers

The person who says it has already forgotten it

He has already forgotten you

But you are still wandering in the same place



Bad Relationship Memes: You are you, I am me, there is still the original dream in my heart, only the road is different.

You do not think of me, I dare not mention you, after the separation did not see again, this is to know, the world where there are so many long goodbye reunion.

The day suddenly got cold.

In the afternoon, sitting at my desk, looking out the window at the snow sprinkling, looking at the leaves falling from the trees shaking. Now the winter does not seem to have a winter feeling, and sometimes I miss those winters of many years ago.

I think we have a future, after all, to support each other, stumbling through so much. But life is life, we did not choose to stay with each other in the end.

Bad Relationship Memes: A lot of people are like this, right, can be hand in hand through the most difficult times, but can not hold hands in the carefree years.



Perhaps God let us meet each other, is to let us grow into the best people after to meet more suitable for each other it. There are no regrets, our relationship is considered to end without a problem.

Bad Relationship Memes: The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

Now my city is snowing, and somehow I thought of him, thinking of him years ago in the city of snow waiting for me, thinking now he is not also looking up at the same piece of snow, thinking of him when the joy than sorrow.

I think the snow and wind is only suitable for missing not goodbye, so we did not reunite for a long time, leaving each other’s last memories are only the last parting of the polite blessing and unperturbed smile.

Bad Relationship Memes: At this time remembered you, laughed at themselves. Some people have been lying quietly in the cell phone address book, but disappeared in life, perhaps the address book of this string of numbers is also a string of empty numbers, it did not try.

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Bad Relationship Memes:

A fish’s memory lasts only seven seconds

After seven seconds

It doesn’t remember the past

Everything has a new beginning

In that little fish tank the fish

Never get bored

I’d rather be a fish

Once seven seconds have passed, it forgets everything

Forget the people I’ve met

Forget the things I’ve done

But that’s just a preference

I’m not a fish after all


Bad Relationship Memes: Our relationship ended without a hitch, no regrets, because we comforted and supported each other when we needed it most in each other’s lives, our efforts were not in vain, we both came to our favorite city, after the chaos of dreams come true.

The world was not so many long goodbye reunion, no contact again, so once those days seemed so warm. So precious. The snow did not think, accompanied by my side of the people, one day will not be heard from.

Bad Relationship Memes: If you have a new circle, will you forget who walked with you through the time when people were sparse?


When you are well, will you forget who has accompanied you through the tough times?

If we really meet one day, will you pretend not to recognize me or will you smile and say it’s been a long time?

Bad Relationship Memes: The road is crowded with people, I choose to remember that year in the snow and wind holding hands, you will choose to forget?

How will you remember me, with a smile or very silent?

It is tempting to say: in the end we broke up, remember to contact often.


Bad Relationship Memes:

Not not like it anymore

It’s not that we don’t love each other anymore

But we have forgotten how to communicate

How to understand

or how to accompany

The regret is not the story of not loving

But the inability to truly communicate and understand

Some stories stop when they are told

Some people fall apart as they walk

Some people love and love will fade away.

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