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Post breakup quotes: The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

In the experience of some personnel, the side changed a few shoulders, only to find that some words, never ask the export.

A lot of things from the moment you open your mouth to ask, you have already won or lost.

I’m Jocelyn, and I hope you will all meet someone who loves you. If you have emotional problems, you can ask me for advice. If you are single, maybe you can meet him/her on Bothlive.

The adult world is subtle, always leave a layer of window paper hidden to feel lovely. If you have to uncover and tear, then the relationship, naturally, will not end. It is possible that the sharp paper will also sting your delicate fingers, ten fingers connected to the heart, pain to the heart.


Quotes on moving on after a breakup: Believe it or not, falling in love is a virtuous act, how you treat others, there will certainly be a person treat you in the same way.

Not every seed planted can bear fruit, not every relationship can have a beginning and an end.

And you have to remember, ah, no matter how much you do not let go, how much you miss, how much you hang on.

When breaking up, these are a few questions you must not ask the export.


– 01 –
Quotes after break up: “Why?” 

Many things are not clear why the results.

Post breakup quotes: Just like when you like him, you do not know why, why in the millions of people in a glance like him. Why he has so many bad habits, you still like.

These are the reasons why you can’t answer, when you are together, when you are apart, is also.

All emotions are slowly accumulated, love and do not love are. Not every question has an answer, many are destined to be unsolved.

Or, let me put it more bluntly, never ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to.


– 02 –
Quotes after break up: “What did I do wrong?”

Your cup broke and you have to ask how it broke, who broke it, and when it broke.

Do these questions make any sense? The only thing you need to realize is that the cup is broken and unusable.

Post breakup quotes: The process is not important, the important thing is the result, broken, it can not be put together. Piece on can not drip, and can not let you continue to open your throat to drink freely.


– 03 –
Quotes after break up: “Do we have a chance to get back together?”

Post breakup quotes: If she wants to get back together with you will not say break up with you, if she says she can get back together, then she is purely scaring you, just want you to care more attention to her.

And often the breakup of the couple hanging on the mouth, is not destined to go far. Every time you say apart, two people are prepared in the heart for the worst.

Later, ah, a long time the wound becomes a cocoon. How to touch it does not hurt. Split up and split up. It does not matter, the long drawn out, we are tired of it.

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– 04 –
Quotes after break up: “Do you still remember the happy times we used to have?”

One of the songs I must order when I go to a concert hall is by Karen Mok, “The Fruits of Summer”.

It’s not to pretend to be sentimental. It’s the view of love that I like.

Post breakup quotes: At least those who pass by, belong to me. The most valuable souvenir between us is the memories that you can’t take away and leave me.

The more precious things you have, the more you should not easily take out as a bargaining chip, it will quickly depreciate, and likewise, quickly depreciate the value of your own who said this sentence.


– 05 –
Quotes after break up: “Can we still be friends?”

If you can accept him in front of you hugging a hot girl tenderly to help her block the drink, after the wind up to your shopping together to choose the jacket draped on her without embarrassment, no problem.

Post breakup quotes: If you can also be in love with each other after the wine, pretend that nothing has happened, then you can think back, and he so hard love, will not feel, a little heartache themselves?

The original thought was a love affair, but it turned out to be just a long-term bed partner. The actual fact is that you will be able to get out of bed and live your life, and I’ll be able to hold my woman, and we’ll meet again and continue to talk and laugh. The actual fact is that you can get a lot more than just a few of these.


– 06 –
Quotes after break up: “Have you ever loved me?”

The answer you want to hear is “yes, but not now”, or “no love at all”?

You can’t accept either one right, which will make you tear up instantly mascara halo into a piece is not.

Quotes on moving on after a breakup: How about a generous wave of the hand, the initiative to themselves. The slick and he said a, “Do not forget ah, friends I really loved you, just ah, now do not love.”

At that time, the heart is hard, it will be his. You have to believe me. It is human nature to always have an inexplicable desire and chagrin for the lost and unconquered.


– 07 –
Quotes after break up: “Do you still have me in your heart?”

If there is still one, will it say this to you?

Even if there is still, can you stand to share a man of yours with another girl? Since you can’t, please hold back, shut up, laugh and leave.

The more you cry, the more he feels flagging. The more you are on cloud nine, the more he will feel down and out.

Quotes on moving on after a breakup: You, he. These two personas do not distinguish between men and women. This is true of all human nature.

We always want to constantly verify that we are the most important, always want to show off how much impact we can bring to others, always want to find a sense of presence.

There is a word for this, and it’s called, “discontent. Only what you can’t get will always be stirring. You can take it away with your hands, you and I will not be too attentive to take care of the cherished.

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