Friends With Benefits With Ex

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Friends with benefits with ex: Will you become friends with your ex?

In fact, the answer to this question when you are mature enough, your answer will be: yes. Because you may have interests involved between you or you feel more appropriate to be friends.

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Fwb with ex: On the question of “whether we can still be friends after a breakup”, there are actually different situations to discuss whether we need to become friends with our exes.


As a “person”, is it worth being friends?

Friends with benefits with ex: What does it mean to see him as an ex, when he is a “person”, is he worthy of your friendship and becoming good friends with him?

This means that the relationship between the two people aside, we can look at each other’s character, personality, way of doing things, ideas and so on the soft power, whether we appreciate the place.

If there are behaviors and traits in the other person that you would not appreciate in anyone, then there is no need to be friends.

Friends with benefits with ex: That is, if they are a stranger, you would not have become friends with such people, there is no need to lower their dating preferences because they have had a close relationship.

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Do not consider love, whether they are kind to you

Fwb with ex: The two people who can become friends, the initial intention is certainly to be good to each other, with good initial intentions and intentions.

You can ask yourself, when you are with him, have you ever been used, exploited, brainwashed by him? Or by the other party has been the inadvertent mistake hurt?

Fwb with ex: Even if we have separated, can we still sincerely wish each other to find their own happiness and hope each other can get better and better after getting out of our emotions?

If you have been used, brainwashed, separated from the feeling of relief, out of the sea of suffering, then for a person who has hurt themselves, intends to treat them badly, we do not need to maintain a friendly relationship with him.


Have you let go of the past?

Friends with benefits with ex: Before considering “whether you can still be friends after the breakup”, first confirm that you have no ill feelings towards each other.

If you think you can still get back together and have the possibility of being more than friends, then you can’t be friends.

Fwb with ex: If one of the parties feels that there is a possibility of such a relationship, the existence of the friendship will only give them illusions, which will prevent them from developing a new intimate relationship.

At this point, the friendship is not beneficial to either party and can even be risky and damaging.

Friends with benefits with ex: It would only be more than worth it to keep a relationship with someone from the past, trapping themselves in the past and hindering the possibility of embracing the future.



If the answer to the above 3 points is “yes”, then you can choose to maintain a friendship with them, and may even develop into a very good relationship with friends.

Friends with benefits with ex: If two people who used to love each other must become friends, you can’t say it’s not a possibility, and you can’t say it’s necessarily a good or bad thing. The world is not black and white, because after all, many people are not fit to be lovers, but fit to be friends.

Friends with benefits with ex: In fact, deciding whether to continue with a person or whether to become friends with a person is very simple. Fwb with ex: First, see what kind of object you need, if you need the object is able to often accompany you, so now this can not often accompany you can not change, then figure out whether you want to change or tolerate or give up. Friends with benefits with ex: Secondly, is it necessary to become friends with your ex? When you no longer love him, you can easily become friends, but when you still love each other deeply, want to become friends will be very difficult. Because you will always be touched by his every move, easily angry and easily excited, so it is impossible to be friends. Friends with benefits with ex: Only when two people are together very natural, not deliberately do something, two people will be friends.


Friends with benefits with ex: When you have a new intimate relationship, you need to pay attention to balance this friendship and the new intimate relationship, to make an effort to do so, do not let this friendship become a thorn in your partner’s heart.

Friends with benefits with ex: The likelihood of everyone meeting a true confidant in their lifetime is very low, if you can handle the friendship with your ex, and not let the current one feel hurt, it is a very good thing to do.

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