Messy Breakup Shield

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Messy breakup shield: What do you think is the most unacceptable excuse for breaking up?

When a woman wants to break up, what will she say to you?

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1. We are not very suitable together.

Borderlands 3 messy breakup: When a woman wants to get rid of a man, she can find a bunch of reasons, and the so-called together is not suitable for the usual breakup excuse. People tend to be so, never need any reason when in love, only to break up when you will find millions of reasons. The so-called together is not suitable, but is also used as an excuse to break up.

Borderlands 3 messy breakup: A sentence is not suitable, it can be all together before the good times overturned. The previous together we all love so much into the passion, until the enthusiasm weakened when the woman will say to the man, we are not suitable together. The implication is that I’m tired of you, it’s time to break up.


2. Lack of sense of humor

Messy breakup shield: A man’s sense of humor is a condition that women value very much. And a man without a sense of humor together will indeed lose a lot of the fun of life. But some sense of humor is innate, is born, is the bones emanating from, is unattainable.

Messy breakup shield: When a woman says to a man, you lack a sense of humor, and you together I feel very boring, which means that the woman has decided to break up with the man. Otherwise, women will not easily say such words. In fact, the man is still the man, but the woman’s love has shifted, so the original humor and lovely man has now become boring and no longer appealing.


3. I am not worthy of you

Messy breakup shield: When the woman said to the man, I do not deserve you, you will find a better woman than me. This most likely means that the woman has decided to break up with the man. Similar to the lie that you are not worthy, is a woman used to appease the man’s broken heart excuse.

Borderlands 3 messy breakup: If a woman genuinely wants to be with a man, she will not mention that she is worthy of the same thing. Because women do not have a good feeling about men, the feelings are no longer enthusiastic, so she will implicitly reject the man’s love, and said that because the other party is too good for their own sake.

Messy breakup shield: In fact, if you really love a person, it does not matter if you are worthy or not. In love, of course, you need to put in a certain amount of enthusiasm and passion, if the woman’s passion for the man disappeared, she will naturally come up with not worthy of each other to say to get rid of the man that she was tired of.

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When men want to break up, what will they say?


1. We don’t have a future

Messy breakup shield: The future of two people will only come if they work together to create it. When a man says something like this, it proves that he no longer wants to make an effort for your future. The vows that were made when you first fell in love were just an illusion. The man has enough foresight, he analyzed the direction of love from countless aspects, the final conclusion is that the end of love is the end of the song.

Messy breakup shield: The woman nodded her head in acquiescence to the man’s analysis and admired the man for being so wise. The long pain is better than the short pain, choose the day is better than hitting the day, since you can not go to the future, or early end it. A few years later, the woman harvested her own happiness, looking back on the man’s foresight, could not help but sigh how right the choice was at that time.


2. Love affects my career

Borderlands 3 messy breakup: When a man is in love with you, he can do both work and love. Love is even the motivation for him to advance in his work. When it comes to breaking up, men take love affects career as the reason for breaking up.

Messy breakup shield: Women certainly understand that men to the cause, if possible, women are willing to wait for men’s careers after the success and men to renew the former relationship, but time is always the biggest enemy of people, a number of years later, men and women have their own families, and the year that the fake breakup excuse has long been forgotten.

3. Your shortcomings are too much

Messy breakup shield: I think a lot of women hear this breakup reason when the heart is in bitter laughter. Men in the pursuit of women, women are a flawless work of art, is the most holy goddess in the hearts of men. Time passes, the years change, the artwork loses its initial preciousness, the goddess no longer has a very important position in the man’s psyche.

Messy breakup shield: Men will always pick out the shortcomings of women from life, men as a reason to break up. Poor some women can not see the real intentions of men, rather in front of men to ensure that they will correct their “shortcomings” rather than recognize the fact that men no longer love her. Until after the breakup, the woman for their own shortcomings and blame themselves. And the man’s “want to add the sin” is likely to become the root cause of the woman’s low self-esteem.


4. I do not love you anymore

Messy breakup shield: The frank breakup is what we advocate, but frankness is sometimes a man’s ploy. When the man feels that any reason can not hide from the woman, he will be very direct to speak of the fact that do not love, the woman just heard some shock, but in the face of this frankness, women will also directly into the man.

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