Repairing Broken Relationships

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Repairing broken relationships: In an intimate relationship, the two of you may make more or less inevitable mistakes, hiding from each other, having no sense of boundaries with the opposite sex, or worse yet, cheating.

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When these problems arise, you will find that when you think of each other, it is no longer romantic and sweet attachment, but more exhaustion and anxiety.


Repairing broken relationships: You think he still has love, but you always feel that the other person does not feel as clear about himself as before, more like an invisible membrane standing between each other, and you always feel that you have become especially passive.

How to fix a relationship that is broken? There are always different ways to change the status quo, but in the past, things have gone against our will. Not only did we hurt each other, but we put our relationship in jeopardy.

So fixing became the most urgent thing, but how to fix each other and make your relationship the same as it was before became the biggest problem.

How to repair the relationship properly?


1. In an intimate relationship, remember that we are all equal

How to fix a broken friendship? Many people have a feeling after the other person makes a mistake: since he was wrong, he will naturally admit it, so he should pay the price.

However, one of the things we should be aware of is making a mistake. The most important thing now is how to repair our relationship.

How to fix a relationship that is broken? The key point is first to make it clear how we can’t fix it if we end up dwelling on past mistakes.

By fixing the relationship, it is in the process of fixing the relationship that determines the future of the two people and therefore cannot be linked to the past in any way.

Repairing broken relationships: When they decide to repair, they are both equals, so they can create the foundation for repairing the relationship. Only by working together can we see the desired results.

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2. It is important to maintain respect

Repairing broken relationships: Although the other person has made a mistake, we should know that the other person is still a person, someone you want to spend your life with.

Therefore, we want to approach the discussion from an equal perspective, respecting equality, and based on the current relationship.

3. Don’t just talk about it. It’s more important to do it

Repairing broken relationships: Once the communication is in place, action is also very important because whichever party makes this decision, they want to get the other person back.

So they should know exactly if what they are doing is what the other party wants and take the initiative to do more to make the other party happy and positive.

How to fix a relationship that is broken? The victim should know how to accept and respond when they feel the other person’s sincere behavior.


4. Build a new relationship

How to fix a broken friendship? One thing to know is that when the other person makes a mistake, your previous relationship has already been damaged

So repairing a relationship is not fixing a broken relationship, but building a new relationship with awareness based on mutual understanding.

If the previous relationship is repaired, in fact, the cycle of this problem will be repeated.

Therefore, it is necessary to build a new relationship from this cycle.

Repairing broken relationships: And the most basic requirement for building this relationship is that two people have love for each other, as well as affection and bonding.

Our attitude and behavior towards this relationship should start anew, and we should keep learning to improve each other’s relationship.


5. Know how to create happiness for yourself.

How to fix a relationship that is broken? The happiness of intimate relationships is accomplished by each other, but it is you who can give the most happiness.

Only by trying to create and obtain it will you find yourself surrounded by you in this relationship, even in the world you live in.

Only then will this relationship have the potential to be happy.

Repairing broken relationships: If you feel unhappy, don’t want to take responsibility and just want to give up, then there is no possibility to fix the relationship.

So in this process, the truth is that a large part of us can feel that these are more from you than from each other.

The only thing that matters in the whole relationship is that you know and know what you want.



Repairing broken relationships: We always give our best to strangers and our worst tantrums to those closest to us.

We always take it for granted that our boyfriends are tolerant and bear all our negative emotions, but we gradually forget that two people in a relationship should be equal.

Long-term patience or consumption will only hurt the person who loves you the most, only if you give him the love he craves, he will always prefer you.

Repairing broken relationships: Sometimes the more assertive you are with your partner, the more it affects the direction, quality and even purity of the intimate relationship. Will you be easy-going in life, but “overbearing” in love?

If this led to the breakup, then tell me about your situation.


How to fix a relationship that is broken? In general, the most comfortable state in a relationship is to listen to your inner voice and assert yourself. There is no contradiction between asserting yourself and maintaining a good enough attachment.

How to fix a broken friendship? In fact, only by insisting on your true voice, while also encouraging and allowing the other person to express their true thoughts

It is only when the problems between the two people are not obscured and delayed that the opportunity to solve problems and adjust the relationship to allow for evolution toward deeper link development in the relationship is obtained.


Repairing broken relationships: Psychological research has also proven that more self-determination in intimate relationships leads to less negative emotions and more positive behaviors, enhancing the overall happiness of the relationship.


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