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Emotional love.

Marry rationally.


The nature of marriage is not a gamble, but an investment

Center for counseling and family relationships: Many women think they are losing a lot of money in marriage, shouting slogans that marriage is actually a gamble.

Yes, and no. Instead of saying that marriage is gambling, it is better to find a project to make an investment.

And the difference between gambling and investing is that an emotional investment that does not take into account the risks is gambling.

And what leads a woman to this investment in life, without considering the risks? It’s because – no learning, ignorance is fearless.


Center for counseling and family relationships: For example, in the field of investment, there are old ladies who speculate in stocks, and there are highly educated elites who speculate in stocks, but the logic behind them is not the same.

Marriage is the same, many people think it is simple and everyone can tie the knot, but in fact, operating it requires skills. That is why, women tend to get married easily when they are young and cautiously when they are older, because the further you go you will find that it is difficult and it requires many elements.

Center for counseling and family relationships: Only when you learn, you know how powerful the logic behind this thing, that is, the more you learn, the more you know you “do not know”.

This is why, the more people do not learn, will simply think that investment / marriage is a very low threshold thing.

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Men are like projects, invest or not by feeling?

Center for counseling and family relationships: In venture capital, you will see many men in suits, enthusiastic to come on stage to preach his project and dream. You hold the money / youth and time in your hands, consider whether to smash down?

There are many men in this world who walk towards women with shiny faces, but their shoulders never take any responsibility.

You have to go by the feeling, sometimes, intuition decides for sure.

You can’t go by feelings again, because feelings are often unreliable.

Many investors say that their best and worst investments in life sometimes depend on “feeling”.


Center for counseling and family relationships: A person on stage to preach his dream / describe your future, this time, you need to feel he is “acting”, or really “passionate” about that thing.

An entrepreneur without raw passion has an uninteresting and arduous journey ahead.

And an entrepreneur with only a dream, the future may burn up all your money and time with his emotions.

Center for counseling and family relationships: This is why many women feel that they ended up in a “marriage of poverty” – you picked up a well-packaged project, but, the development is poor.



Team is important

Center for counseling and family relationships: Marriage, is to find another family, to achieve and you create a good life together, to raise children.

Some men are good in themselves, but they have a very narrow-minded mother, a very small father, and a sister who borrows five times a week from foreign debt.

What does this belong to? The project itself is a good idea, but the team support is too poor. You are likely to receive no support in the future, the project halfway to the yellow.

Center for counseling and family relationships: Some people, behind the family is not very good, but his family members themselves and ordinary employees, dedicated, and do not complain. This is not necessarily not a good team.


An investor friend told me that they once saw a need to invest 2000w in a project, market prospects, the team is also good, but he always felt that something was wrong.

Center for counseling and family relationships: This is to say with many girls, can not meet a good, but where to meet a good man, and always feel that there is fraud. That’s very true. That investor finally found that there is an intellectual property behind the project, in fact, does not belong to the founder itself, that is, his money invested, but also likely to face discontinued, infringement.


This is similar to many girls who meet the perfect man, but, he is married.

Center for counseling and family relationships: You can take on the project, but there is also a chance that you will have to get into a long legal dispute in the future.

Some girls, young and beautiful, but this asset is increasingly depreciating, but try to use such an asset to exchange for an increasingly fast-growing project, and in the end, for better, is bought out; for worse, is stopped out. This is the dedication one needs to take.

Emotional love, rational marriage.

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