7 Signs He Is Jealous When I Talk To Other Guys

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What are the signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys? How to tell if a guy is jealous of you talking to another guy? If a girl is jealous, she will directly express her unhappiness. Then a boy always pretends not to care when he is jealous. He says that I’m OK and I don’t mind. He has secretly scolded that bastard for countless times. So how to judge a boy is jealous? Now let’s talk about it in detail.

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signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys

1. Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys: he shows a strong possessiveness

How to say this? Just take a simple example. Before, I saw a girl say so about her boyfriend on Weibo. She usually likes playing games. She met a boy in the game and had a good chat in the game. His boyfriend didn’t say anything at that time. The next day, when she and I played the game again, all my friends were deleted. So she asked him what was the matter, and he firmly denied it. Finally, the girl lost her temper, and her boyfriend admitted that he did it himself

2. Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys: he would pretend to be calm

When you walk on the street and you praise a man seriously, you will find that he is very unnatural. If you ask him anything, he will know. After that, will you still say, since he is so excellent, why don’t you go to him? Then go straight ahead, and he will ignore what you say.

3. Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys: he’s going to have extreme physical conflict

There is an obvious difference between men’s jealousy and women’s jealousy. Men’s reaction to jealousy is usually stronger than women’s, and they are more likely to go to extremes. If they are suspicious, they will fight, and they are more likely to have aggressive behavior. Especially, they will show strong retaliation against other men who are too close to their sexual partners, So that there are often irrational physical attacks.

4. Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys: he can speak bitterly and ruthlessly

Some men often feel uncomfortable when they see their favorite girl or their lover showing close relationship with other men. They subconsciously generate strong exclusive emotions and strong desire for possession. Most of them emit bursts of jealousy through different language expressions, The most common is that the language is very acrimonious and sarcastic.

5. Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys: he will consciously avoid meeting you

The deeper the love, the stronger the jealousy. The less confident the man is, the more he has a strong desire to control his girlfriend. However, once he feels that his girlfriend is no longer under his control, he will play hide and seek with his girlfriend. He doesn’t want to meet you face to face and tries to avoid the occasion when he is alone with you. In the words of jealous men, this can avoid embarrassment and even change his job.

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6. Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys: he often pretends that it’s none of his business

Sometimes, girls will try to find out whether boys like themselves or not, so they praise other boys in front of boys. Usually, boys will warn you with a bystander’s attitude: “he has a bad heart and plans to do something wrong”, and tell him his shortcomings and privacy with a casual manner. Perhaps, you can’t see any jealousy surging from his facial expression, or even just a look of indifference.

Some men will smile with a strong face, deliberately pretend to be relaxed in front of the beloved woman, and will also show a special conversational and humorous manner in front of you. However, in the topic of discussion, he will try to avoid the people and things that easily stimulate themselves, or the sensitive topics that can make his vinegar sea overturn, But he is not able to make a seamless appearance for it. Therefore, the traces of vinegar will show their feet inadvertently.

7. Signs he is jealous when i talk to other guys: he is usually obedient and clever. All of a sudden, he talks in a strange way

Some men feel uncomfortable when they see their girlfriends talking and laughing with others, but they don’t say it directly in order to show their generosity.

For example, when you go shopping together, you buy a lot of things. When you ask him to help you carry them, he will ask who is at the end of your screen to help you. But when you show anger, he will come back to help you carry things.

Usually, your boyfriend’s attitude to you is not very positive, but when you boast about a boy’s advantages in front of him, he may still remain calm on the surface, or even show disdain. Sometimes he will say: “since he is better than me, why don’t you go to him?” But you can gradually feel that he is trying to change himself, especially when you praise the advantages of other boys that can be found in him.

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