Best Flowers For Valentines Day

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What is the best flowers for valentines day? On Valentine’s day, boys are struggling with what gifts to give girls, but in fact, no matter what, it’s better to send flowers. No girl doesn’t like flowers, or maybe your girlfriend doesn’t like flowers! Deliver flowers valentines day or send flowers for valentine’s day, can make your love one more happy.

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If you want order flowers for valentines day, rose is the first choice of Valentine’s day, but you should know that there are still some things to pay attention to, that is, you must choose better quality, do not buy the kind of top is two, with special hard wrapping paper package of roses, in this case, few girls will like it now. Girls do not like red, then to a red and black color rose or multi head small rose, with light color packaging, perfect. Now ins style packaging is especially popular with girls, oh, we must pay attention to it. The following are the different meaning of best valentine flowers.

Choose the best flowers for valentines day 

1. Best flowers for valentines day: red rose

I love you, love, hope to love you with passion; Red roses are colorful and passionate. They are often given to lovers, lovers or partners to express their love and send out their enthusiasm. The meaning of red rose is “I love you every day”.

2. Best flowers for valentines day: blue rose

Send valentines flowers you can choose blue rose, which presents miracle and impossible things; Blue also contains a touch of sadness, representing the kind. It will make people think of the vast sky and the magnificent sea. It seems that everything can be contained and you can tell everything about it. It will always return your warm sunshine and let you stride forward with confidence.

3. Best flowers for valentines day: yellow rose

Apologize for love and enjoy being with you. In Japan, yellow rose is the representative gift of breaking up. In some places, yellow rose also represents waiting, waiting for your love;

4. Best flowers for valentines day: purple rose

Melancholy, dream, love to dream; Purple represents solemnity, but also represents the precious unique. Purple rose is the beauty of personality, contains the beauty of knowledge. Purple rose language is often a symbol of silent affection, it represents falling in love, prostrate under the charm of each other.

5. Best flowers for valentines day: tulip

Tulip legend is the embodiment of love, red tulip symbolizes “I love you”, Valentine’s day, send her a bunch of “red tulip”, must be romantic. Tulips are suitable for girls with generous temperament. Tulip is a world-famous bulb flower, or an excellent cut flower variety. The flowers are vigorous and straight, the leaf pigment is elegant and beautiful, and the lotus like flowers are dignified and moving, which is popular. In Europe and the United States as a symbol of victory and beauty, the Netherlands, Iran, Turkey and many other countries as national flower.

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6. Best flowers for valentines day: stars all over the sky

A star all over the sky looks very small, but when you get together, it looks like a star in the sky, and the flower fragrance is elegant, and the flower language has a romantic, really like the meaning, it is very suitable to send on Valentine’s day. All over the sky, the white flowers are exquisite and delicate. They gather together loosely, just like the brilliant stars in the night sky, and also like the brilliant river of stars on the Chinese Valentine’s day.

7. Best flowers for valentines day: lily

It is said that Eve and Adam were driven out of the garden of Eden because they were tempted by snakes to eat forbidden fruit. When Eve regretted, she could not help but shed sad tears, which turned into white and fragrant lilies. In China, lily is loved by people for its fresh and elegant image. At the same time, its moral: a hundred years together! It’s the best flower for those old wives and husbands. So on Valentine’s day, Lily has become one of the choices of married people.

Lily is known as “cloud Fairy”. Because of its elegant and pure appearance, the Catholic Church takes the white lily as the symbol of the Virgin Mary, while the Vatican takes the lily as the national flower. Lily’s seed head is made of scales, which means “a hundred year’s love” and “Pepsi’s love”. It has been regarded as an indispensable auspicious flower for wedding in China since ancient times. There is also the meaning of respect.

8. Best flowers for valentines day: emperor flower

The flower is huge. There are many flower cores in the center of the flower ball. Surrounded by huge and colorful bracts, it looks very domineering. It is known as the most rich and gorgeous fresh cut flower in the world.

The king flower grows in the Cape of South Africa, where fires often happen in dry summer. But the king flower is a good chance from heaven: because it is the condition for its survival, its fruit is hard and animals can not tolerate it. It can only rely on the high temperature of the fire to break the fruit and spray the seeds on the ground. After the fire, the fertile soil is the paradise for the king flower to reproduce.

The emperor flower is an evergreen shrub with luxuriant branches and leaves, large flowers, tall bracts and petals, beautiful color and long viewing period. It is suitable for potted plants and is also an excellent material for cut flowers and dried flowers. In South Africa, the imperial flower is regarded as the national flower. Emperor flower, with its huge flower, gorgeous color and elegant shape, is known as the king of flowers.

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