2 Romantic Break Up Letter

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Romantic break up letter: Breakup letter no matter how romantic it is written, in my opinion I think and breakup related are with a little sadness.

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Today and we share two breakup letters.



Romantic break up letter

Romantic break up letter: My dear, many things in the world go to the end can not return to the beginning of the beautiful, I can only retreat to the corner you can not see, I heard that you are very happy, peacefully smile. The death of goodbye is a pain that can not be helped, and I am now turning the end of the world, but willingly for.


Romantic break up letter: My dear, this is the first and last time I will write to you. Because after writing this letter, I will leave you. My dear, remember how we met? It was a time when you had just fallen out of love and always had a hard time sleeping at night, and you met me on the internet to accompany your roommate to brush the night. I admit that I was foolish, knowing that you were in love with her who was already a woman, but still hopelessly in love with you. If the feelings can be controlled, then what is precious?


Romantic break up letter: Darling, do you remember? The first time you said you loved me, my panicked expression, the eyes of elation. Yes, I was ecstatic, I thought I was giving, finally waiting for your response. Although, the response was somewhat passive. Honey, you know what? In fact, I really envy her. Even if she betrayed your relationship and married another woman, even if she still selfishly forbade you to have any girlfriend after marriage, even if she married abroad, but still said to you, I will still come back to you and other arbitrary language, even if she did anything unreasonable, you will take everything for granted and love her as before.


Romantic break up letter: Honey, you know what? In fact, I don’t like you smoking not because I have bronchitis and am allergic to the smell of smoke and will be out of breath, but because you are not in good health and I am afraid that you will damage your health by smoking so intensely. Just like I don’t like you to play games not because you don’t have time for me, but because the body will collapse if you stay in front of the computer for eight hours a night without proper sleep. You may not understand this, but please don’t blame me for being too willful and repeatedly compare me to her when I shed tears or get angry about it. Because I love her, it’s right for her to be unreasonable, and it’s wrong for me to do anything else.


Romantic break up letter: Honey, you know what? In fact, now I’m a little tired of cooking. At first you told me that you like to eat vegetables, so I wash my hands and cook every day. I don’t want much, I just want you to walk from the computer to the kitchen and give me a hug or compliment my handiwork when I’m washing and cooking alone. That’s all. I don’t want to go out to eat just because I don’t want you to spend money. That’s all.

Romantic break up letter: Maybe we are not destined for this life, I hope you can love your her well. And I will eventually meet love and touch happiness!

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Romantic break up letter:

Romantic break up letter: We romantically open the story, romantically spend the days, a period of time I regard as a treasure, you came at just the right time, that encounter made my memories golden and shiny, so I can easily swallow your temper. How many times I said to you, “If only I could have known you earlier”, and then earlier to know you, to pull forward the starting point of happiness, even if there are more conflicts and more quarrels, I would like to run to a, in this moment to know you, perhaps I can give you help in material, but it seems that many voices can not reach you inside.


Romantic break up letter: You are my little teenager, your looks, your smile, your ideas, everything about you is filled with the flavor of youth, and at the same time you are a rich energy adult, but I always want to protect your teenage spirit, so you are more carefree, so I am doing my best to pay for you time, energy, material and my heart.


Romantic break up letter: I can feel your love, but I can also feel the non-love part, the latter is devouring you and I. I often wonder what kind of love is good, and have tried to build a platform to share equally, but it seems to be wishful thinking sometimes. I thought about it for a long time and reinterpreted a definition of love, willing to unload my defenses, surrender, and drag out and accept the whole thing.


Romantic break up letter: You and I had agreed to give you a million cups of milk tea, go camping together, go to see Zhou Shen concert together, go to Volcano Island together, go to Jiangxi together, take you on a tour of Spain, take you to Japan to see cherry blossoms, take me to Victoria Harbor, these are not casual words, if possible, one day I want to fulfill these agreements. However, sorry, these promises seem to be impossible to complete.


Love you for a moment, happy enough, I hope you can harvest happiness.

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