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Unspeakable break up: This question is similar to what kind of signs a person has when they want to break up with you.

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So do you know if a girl wants to break up with you, what kind of signs she will have?

In fact, love may be able to be caught off guard, starting with love at first sight, but breakups are often long-planned. Not the girl said no love, but she gave you these signs when you did not find in time.


1. She began to become indifferent

Unspeakable break up: If the girl in love when the initiative too much and not get each other’s response, when she is tired of wanting to break up, the attitude will begin to become indifferent. She may no longer return your message in seconds, no longer will send a lot of intimate and lovely expressions, the wording has gradually become simple and boring, “um”, “good” …… will send you off. When dating, no longer like before there are a lot of things to say to you, face is no longer a sweet smile, instead, she may be a whole dating process are holding the phone to play.


2. She started to become understanding

Unspeakable break up: Some guys complain about their girlfriends when they are in a relationship, and they don’t know enough. The first thing you need to know is that when your girlfriend starts to behave, it may be the sign that your relationship is over. The actual fact is that you will not need to take care of and care for her, suddenly she knows how to understand your difficulties, no longer pestering you to accompany her. Perhaps it will also show in the dinner time to take the initiative to ask for AA, will not be to tangle with who pays for the embarrassing problem.


3. She will not think about you

Unspeakable break up: The girl in love, see delicious fun will think and each other to share, go to where they do not forget to take a few photos to send to her boyfriend to see, these are her miss you performance. But boys are often thick-skinned animals, the face of the girl so miss, do not know how to respond and cherish. When the girl wants to break up, she will not think about you, naturally, there will not be those actions triggered by missing.


4. She does not show love in front of friends

Unspeakable break up: Many girls in love sweet time, like to send their own and boyfriend’s photos on the social media platform, but “show love” this behavior in the boys seem both childish and embarrassing, so many boys are not even happy to give their girlfriend likes. The actual fact is that when she is no longer willing to show her love, this may be a sign that you are breaking up, or even that she will gradually delete all the photos she has posted before.


5. She will not be jealous

Unspeakable break up: Boys often do not understand why girls are so easy to jealous, but jealousy is one of the manifestations of love. Most girls are born jealous, if the boyfriend and the opposite sex get too close, they will be jealous. But when the girl sprouted the idea of breaking up, she will no longer ask who is the girl who sent you the message, will no longer ask if there is a girl who is having dinner with you today, because she no longer minds your relationship with any member of the opposite sex.

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6. She began to dislike you

Unspeakable break up: Some boys in love are not willing to become better for each other, however, perhaps once your childishness in her eyes are cute, perhaps once some of your bad habits in her eyes are normal, perhaps once her heart is big, can tolerate everything you, and now want to break up with her, will begin to pick your various problems, will begin to dislike your immaturity, your bad habits she is no longer tolerant.


7. The number of times you quarrel has increased

Unspeakable break up: Many guys do not know how to properly treat the “quarrel” thing, always perfunctory past. In love, the appropriate quarrel can enhance each other’s feelings, can help them understand each other better, but if once you find that you quarrel more often, you have to think about, is not the relationship began to appear a crack. Especially, when you find that her temper is getting worse and worse to you, more and more impatient, the signs of a breakup are becoming more and more obvious.


8. She became difficult to coax

Unspeakable break up: Girls in love like to play small sex, the purpose is to let the boyfriend coax them, but many boys coaxing and coaxing began to be impatient, and even feel that the girlfriend more and more difficult to coax. In fact, girls are generally good to coax, but if you feel that your girlfriend began to become difficult to coax, it is because she does not want you to coax, this is to break up the signs.


9. She has no “sexual” interest in you

Unspeakable break up: Many boys do not treat the bed seriously, no interest, and even hastily, these will let the girl disappointed. When the girl in the love of fish and water can not feel the love of boys, she may begin to find various excuses to reduce the number of times you have sex, and even began to gradually refuse to kiss and hug you, these can be seen, she has no “sexual” interest in you, and gradually lost love.


10. She began to contact with other boys

Unspeakable break up: And when the above nine signs appear, the boy did not take it seriously or even did not notice, the girl’s disappointment will probably reach a peak. In turn, the most dangerous signs will begin to appear, that is, when she began to chat with other boys, frequent interaction, and even accept other boys’ invitations to go out alone, then the girl is likely to say goodbye to you next.


Hopefully, being in love, you will never see your girlfriend with these signs above.

But there is sweetness, there is also bitterness, there is comfort, there is also annoyance, is the nature of love. Any relationship, probably can not be without waves.

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