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How to write sexual tension? On this issue, I think people are more concerned about how to go about solving the problem of sexual tension. So on this issue, you can focus on writing about ways to relieve sexual tension.

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The perfect sex requires the full commitment of both partners.

The thing about sex is that the input is directly proportional to the output, how much you’re into it, how much you’re indulging, and how much you’re sexually happy.

But the reality is often either this link falls off, or that link falls off.


How to write sexual tension? Anxiety to overcome poor physical condition, thought skills learned, but the operation down is still not ideal.

Sex is supposed to be a noble act of combining the bodies and souls of both men and women, and thus pleasing each other.

Partner and you are two individuals, the process is inevitably tense, anxious emotions

When making love, all of us are more or less nervous.

This is because we need to focus on ourselves and prioritize each other’s pleasure while bonding so intimately and intensely with another person.

How to write sexual tension? If you worry too much or focus on your partner, you sometimes have to sacrifice your own pleasure, and you can’t really indulge yourself and enjoy sex with your whole being.


How to write sexual tension? In the early stages of marriage, many young women have little experience in sex, some even first contact with sex, men’s movements are too intense or too rough, it is easy to hurt them, and even make women have a shadow of sex. Some ways to eliminate women’s nervousness about having sex for the first time.


1. Flirtation master

How to write sexual tension? It is possible that for people, the first night does exist a certain “rare” quality. But rare is rare, we can’t feed the first night not open stove, a lot of first night sex skills are also not to learn. Of course, in the first time sex, many people are constantly changing their sex way.


2. Eliminate women’s tension

How to write sexual tension? If you are already planning to have sex for the first time in your life, then to have sex before you should eliminate each other’s nervousness. Do not eat too much, eating too much will make people have the feeling of wanting to sleep, affecting the passion for sex. Try to eat small amounts of food before sex and don’t drink too much alcoholic beverages. If anything, a little alcohol can help each other relax.

In addition, the warm words between each other is also the best “tool” to eliminate tension, especially women, when they hear soothing and sweet words, they will feel more pleasant.

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3. Guide women to come up with the best position

How to write sexual tension? When making love, it is important to remind women from time to time how to pose, do not just bore yourself to do. In the specific way of making love, it is best to start using only the common way of making love, do not start using some of the more rare, alternative ways of making love, which may make women feel scared or disgusted. When the number of sex between the two people, and then slowly use some other exciting and rare sex methods, so that women will be more adapted.

How to write sexual tension? When making love, the action should not be too fierce, to move softly. Because women are not as focused on physical sensory stimulation as young women, more often than not is focused on the feeling of being loved, the spiritual requirements to be a little more. Gentle action will make her feel satisfied, too urgent too big action will make her feel uncomfortable or even painful.


4. Before sex to know the heart fine enlightenment

How to write sexual tension? As women have no or little experience in making love, so in making love with women, you have to be proactive, help her, guide her, so that the two can better together to spend the witching hour.

When you start making love, you may be nervous. At this time you should not be too hasty, but take your time, gently undress her and soothe her with gentle and teasing words to eliminate her nervousness. It is also due to shyness, women are not as open as mature young women, can quickly enter the state.

How to write sexual tension? Therefore, you should do a good job of foreplay, the sensitive parts of the fiddling to do more, so as to make women better into a state of intoxication, in order to facilitate the smooth progress of sex.


5. To have the ability to be firm

How to write sexual tension? Women may be nervous, shy, painful and other situations during sex, and the man’s cooperation will not be very good, when the man’s penis into the persistence of time must be longer, so that you can cope with a lot of unexpected situations, to prevent the hands and feet, in order to make love process perfect.

It takes more than two people to make love, it takes two souls who are fully committed.

Immersion in a thing is an ability

How to write sexual tension? Imagine how you would feel if you were immersed in a game and someone called you every few minutes.


The game hasn’t changed, but your emotions are greatly damaged

Likewise, if you think of sex as a game

How to write sexual tension? The immersion will definitely give the partner a more comfortable experience and the body’s desire will be greatly satisfied.

In the release of sex, we can even feel a communion with the kingdom of heaven.

When in contact with each other, we can truly feel eternity.

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