Libra Man Break Up

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Libra man break up, what should we do? At the beginning of the relationship, the Libra man will make his lover feel that love is really wonderful, but as the relationship deepens, want to have a long development, both sides still have to put a lot of effort.

So how long after the Libra man break up will go to you?

Libra is actually a more rational sign. At the time of the breakup, Libra can be very rational to break up the two words out, even the slightest retention. However, they do not mention the breakup to delete contact information, of course, you can continue to chat. Only, there will be no possibility of compounding.

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Libra male breakup after the psychology

1. Something can still find me

Libra man after break up, Like to weigh the Libra boys once lost love, the heart is not easy to maintain the balance will instantly break, east and west, a long time do not know how to be good. But Libra male nature and a little soft, but also love to maintain their poise, so after the breakup they may still spare no effort to help the ex all the help.


2. Confused forward

Libra man break up, Libra boys are very good at self-soothing after a breakup, she will tell herself that this relationship does not suit her, and then began to find all kinds of, reasons to convince themselves that the loss of a girlfriend, and not really people, even if the other party is really good to perfection he can also find an excuse to sentence each other to death, on the one hand, in order to make themselves feel better, on the other hand, he is trying to encourage themselves to seek new feelings.

Libra man break up, And Libra boys may also consider, to go back to the previous lost lovers, because Libra boys are actually not very willing to spend time to re-understand a person, he feels that with people like to get along for a long time, between each other has been good to build up the intimate relationship should not just be broken, after the breakup of the two people again back to the relationship of strangers wasted before the time and energy, so this time, Libra Boys are actually a bit torn. But whether or not to take the step to get back each other, for Libra boys is also a very difficult choice.



Libra men will break up after the breakup to cut off contact?

1. Libra men to keep in touch with the possibility of 90%

Libra man break up, Libra men will drag after the breakup for a long time with each other can not break off the relationship, Libra men are not very good at rejecting others even if she is very clear inside the relationship has ended the two sides should not be entangled together, but he showed a very gentle attitude, if the other party to take the initiative to contact him, he will be like a friend to care about each other, although not do the same as in love, gentle and considerate, but still able to maintain the due Polite.


2. Libra

Libra man after break up, They may also frequently take the initiative to contact each other he feels that there is nothing wrong with a friend, not to mention that the two people have done lovers to understand each other so well as friends may be very tacit understanding. In fact, mainly because Libra men will not let go of any dating opportunities, friends as lovers, is easy to make the mistake of Libra men, the former as friends is the inherent habit of Libra men.

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How to make Libra man back it?

1. Find the reason

Libra man break up, When Libra men encounter things, they do not like to say it, but like to make a decision directly. So when they want to break up with their girl, they will not tell each other what the reason is, will only directly present to you a result. So this time to win back the heart of the Libra man, you must take the initiative to find the reason. The place where you may do all the wrong things are corrected, only to find the right place, the Libra man knows that you have recognized the mistake, will forgive you.


2. Reminiscence at the beginning

Libra man break up, When he feels no more feelings for you, that is when he and you break up. So, to win back the Libra, after the breakup, must let him rediscover the original feeling, you can take him together to recall the sweet little things when they were together, you have been to a deep impression of the place. Help him to rediscover the original feeling, he has a feeling for you again, your compound will be natural.


3. To learn to be independent

Libra man break up, The scales are not an inclusive sign, in other words, they are looking for a girlfriend, and not a daughter, so you should not expect him to be able to fatherly love to you to deal with all things, they like equality, so if you let him give up his life to wholeheartedly for your sake, that is simply impossible. Always be independent, whether it’s spiritual or material independence.


4. Create needs

Libra man after break up, Everyone has emotional needs, because people are originally emotional animals, if the person is more rational at this moment, then it is the other party does not yet have emotional needs. If you want to win each other back, you must start from this aspect, such as through the social platform to see what he is doing recently, and then occasionally send dynamics, so that the other party recalls you, remembering what you did before, so as to stimulate each other’s emotional memories.

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