Love: Breakup Affirmations

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Breakup affirmations: Love is like a music, different people write different melodies, depicting a different landscape. The rhythm of the music is fast and slow, the tune is also high and low, perhaps all the way to very plain, and perhaps stumbled to meet the spring flowers, some love despite the ordinary, but there are happy results, some feelings are gorgeous, but in the quiet turn away.

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Affirmations after a breakup: Life is like a play, love is like a song, the twelve signs of the zodiac and how to send off no future love, the achievement of their own happiness.


Aries – Breakup affirmations

Affirmations after a breakup: Very independent Aries, honesty is the biggest feature of their style of action. The face of a faded feelings, their breakup declaration is also the same direct enough. Perhaps you will say that I am selfish, unilaterally think our feelings have no meaning, it categorically choose to end. Yes, our feelings are true, love is also deep, together with the points are also happy, but, that is only once, since the past has gone, love since the cracks have appeared, and then clinging is also futile, life still needs to move forward, happy will also appear, break up may be the best result.


Taurus – Affirmations after a breakup

Affirmation after breakup: Honest and stable is the character of the Taurus, they have always focused on the ground, whether it is career or love, are showing the slow and steady consistent style. For their choice, generally will be very patient to carry on, because it is well thought out. If love has come to an end, the breakup has become a fact, the Golden Calf declaration also seems particularly real. Love us with so long, did not expect to break up with only two words, probably my bull temper hurt your heart, and may be I like the food you really can not accept, the original, love is easy, get along is not so simple, when love has become a thing of the past, I hope we can face honestly.


Gemini – Affirmation after breakup

Affirmations after a breakup: The twins of wit, has a very characteristic double personality, easy to change is one of the expressions of this character. Quick-thinking, articulate is also they can win in some aspects of the powerful magic weapon. The twins still continue their ability to talk in the world of love, even the breakup declaration is also communicative in thought. The time we spent together, full of sweetness, always make people cherish, maybe will be strong to start a new life, maybe we will both regret, the human heart would have been easy to shake, but please believe that even if we go our separate ways, happiness is only temporarily away, trying to adapt to the separate environment, in order to bring back happiness.


Cancer – Breakup affirmations

Breakup affirmations: The Cancer is undoubtedly a typical sign of family, naturally they are also on the love of lasting and results look very important, if they can continue, they will not choose to stop, but sometimes not want to get on, if the feelings have become tasteless, the Cancer’s breakup declaration has become a necessity. In fact, do not want to go, in fact, still want to stay, but the sad tears have proved our impossible. The heartfelt love is just a past tense, why not let us admit our mistake, in fact, should have known it would end in loneliness, fall in love with you is a kind of happiness is also a kind of mistake, let our love into memories, become the basis for nostalgia.

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Leo – Breakup affirmations

Breakup affirmations: Positive and generous lion, the biggest hobby is the challenge, straight face right also brave to love, show are confident, in fact, lions like to hide when injured secretly lick the wound. The face of love is far away, their breakup declaration gorgeous and with a sad breath. I know, I am very strong, but also love to save face, which should be the root of all conflicts, has been used to you with my pace, always take it for granted, romantic feelings can not dilute the physical and mental exhaustion, just hope we can get together well, hope that the morning air of parting can be very fresh.


Virgo – Breakup affirmations

Breakup affirmations: Perfection is a kind of enjoyment, for the virgin is a kind of expectation and possession, is also a measure of everything, some of the lack of confidence is also the virgin on their own requirements are too strict, fortunately, they are more open, as the perfect breakup declaration when letting go. The love comes when we are caught off guard, in a panic to pick up, until now to understand that the original are not each other want good, you said I was too fault-finding, life would have been a lot of right and wrong, and why so perfect, maybe you are right, but I still adhere to their own ideals, or separate, is the best time for introspection, the next love may be even better.


Libra – Breakup affirmations

Breakup affirmations: Libra’s heart is so wavering, they understand this from the beginning to the end, but just can not change. Separate and close for the Libra may be a word, but really want to completely separate, they are very reluctant to break up the declaration is also so to the left to the right. Love let me know the original is so important, once the embrace, once the laughter, all echoed in the initial acquaintance, now only a monotonous aftertaste, perhaps we have gone too far, there is no possibility of turning back, crying, pain, only to understand the laws of getting along, we have broken the rules, can only shuffle to start over.


Scorpio – Breakup affirmations

Love deep and persistent is the definition of the Scorpion’s feelings, easy to emotional depression is the specific expression of their sentimentalism, for they have irrevocable love, the Scorpion’s breakup declaration so let people love hurt. Such a scenario is I reluctant to think, retention seems to have become the most meaningless excuse, perhaps complete heartache to completely wake up, tenderness seems more and more can not be recalled. If you don’t love, you don’t love, don’t let go, pay maybe magnified, tears shed, everything is not so important, only blame me too care, I will definitely come out of the memories and live well.

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