Silence Is Key After A Breakup

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Silence is key after a breakup, really? Many people will choose to be silent when they break up, at first they will think that this is a helpless self-blame performance, feeling that it is their own wrongdoing and led to the final separation, but in fact, breaking up to remain silent is a state that does not need to say much.

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Love is indeed beautiful, but it is also very torturous, because once you fall in love, it is difficult to put down, the surface looks as if they love each other, or to see the beautiful scenery together is enough, but in fact these are just the most basic things between the couple.

Silence is key after a breakup: Perhaps sometimes men can’t understand why two people have agreed to, two people are also working hard for a common goal, but two people walking and scattered.



Some women are so real, obviously the word break up has come to the mouth, but can not say, so for each other all the pay, said silent should not, or say in another way back to each other.

I have to say, the woman’s approach will indeed be easy to let people chill, but love this kind of thing, which is to say put down can be put down, if it really can be, perhaps in real life there are not so many people who suffer from love injuries.

Therefore, when you find that your significant other’s attention to you has ceased to exist, or that the other party no longer cares about your payment, and even expressed silence attitude, perhaps this is the woman’s real attitude towards you.

Silence is key after a breakup: In fact, some women will choose to express silence, because she does not want you to hurt more deeply. Some women are from the heart do not know how to refuse, so they will choose to use the silent way to solve the problem.


Silence is key after a breakup: That said, in the face of some sudden feelings do not like the natural is to refuse, sometimes politely refused will not necessarily achieve the effect they want.

And keep silent, over time, the other party will naturally feel that you do not have other feelings for him.


1. Keeping in touch is a burden

Silence is key after a breakup: Think about the men and women in love, all the time miss each other, you may send out the content of the whatsapp not down 10 seconds will reply to you. But one day you find each other to your message ignored, at this time you have to wake up, perhaps the love between you no longer exists.


2. Face to face nothing to say

Silence is key after a breakup: No matter what kind of feelings, the thing that maintains the emotions between people is communication, let alone the relationship between lovers. If you are face to face together when there is no topic that how to continue? After meeting with a wide-eyed look, it is better to maintain the feelings between ordinary friends!

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3. Do not care about each other’s lives

Silence is key after a breakup: Whether it’s a man or a woman, caring for each other is a way of showing love. If two people together who will not shush anyone, then what is the meaning of living together do not say that it is to solve the physical needs, that is a one-night stand will have the feeling.


4. Not to do retention

Silence is key after a breakup: This person is emotional, it is likely to quarrel after a casual sentence “break up”, if each other do not make retention, then there is no need to spend together.


5. Spiritual level of love

Silence is key after a breakup: If the number of times a year to meet with the fingers to count over, then the breakup is really no excuse. This world has a few purely spiritual love and enjoy to old? So in this case breakups are generally inevitable.


6. Never accommodate each other

Silence is key after a breakup: Nowadays, only children are prevalent, so young people are generally more self, always want others around themselves, how they are happy how to come, but you do not forget that love is a matter of two people, so it is only right to accommodate each other. But if one party is really too much ego, then break up is also a good choice.


7. Unwilling to spend money on each other

Silence is key after a breakup: Who said that men spend money for women is the right thing to do? In fact, spending money in a relationship is mutual, if one side of a single pay, and not get the other half of the return, then what is the point of this together.

When breaking up and divorcing, one party loses the feeling of “being loved”, “being supported” and “being able to rely on”, and even suffers harm. Recovery is especially difficult when the person is unable to give the love that their ex had given them, especially for those who lacked love in their family of origin.


Therefore, people usually experience many negative thoughts-disappointment, sadness, fear, jealousy, anger, etc.-and even some ugly thoughts, all of which are necessary. Because humans are inherently imperfect, there is no need for guilt and self-denial. If you get caught up in hating the other person, remember that hate does not heal wounds, only love does. At least love yourself.

Silence is key after a breakup: One can carry bad thoughts and still do the right thing; one can make mistakes and still be a good person. There is no need to deny your previous self because of the results, even if you are separated, you were once a worthy lover.

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