3 Things About Blowing Hot And Cold Psychology

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How do you think of blowing hot and cold psychology in friendship? Compared with men, women are more likely to be jealous in friendship, and then jealous, and use friendship cold violence. It should be noted that the “friendship cold violence” mentioned here is not bullying between ordinary students, but a kind of injury from best friends.

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It is precisely because he is the best friend that this kind of pain and influence is more profound.

“After the cold violence, I became scared, sensitive and depressed.” Therefore, no matter what the reason is, we firmly believe that cold violence is a wrong and ineffective way of communication. Here are something about blowing hot and cold psychology friendship you should know.

3 things on blowing hot and cold psychology

1. Blowing hot and cold psychologyThere is also exclusivity in friendship

We often feel that jealousy belongs to love, because love is exclusive; But in fact, friendship is also exclusive. When there is a “third party crisis” in friendship, people’s jealousy is no less than love.

About blowing hot and cold psychology, some psychologists have pointed out that the differences between men’s and women’s attitudes towards friendship may be related to social expectations. It is generally believed that men should not rely too much on others and that seeking help is a sign of cowardice. As a result, men are less likely to expose their weakness in friendship.

From adolescence, girls will be more open and self exposed in friendship. They will dig their heart and lungs out to their good friends and regard their friends as more important than their boyfriends. When they face the possibility of losing friends, they will have more negative effects

Emotions, including jealousy.

Friendship jealousy will bring some aggressive behavior, and it is usually not obvious intimidation or violence, but subtle aggressive behavior, such as crowding out, coldness and so on, which is the so-called cold violence.

2. Blowing hot and cold psychology– Two kinds of people are prone to cold violence to friends because of friendship crisis

1. People with low self esteem easy to have blowing hot and cold psychology

The perpetrators of cold violence usually seem to be strong and indifferent, but in fact they are sensitive and self abased. They attach great importance to friendship, and almost base their personal value on friendship. They often think wildly because of a friend’s comment, and feel worthless because of their friends’ alienation.

Therefore, when they identify the friendship crisis, they often use cold violence to deal with it. On the one hand, I don’t want to lose friendship because of conflict; On the other hand, I want to get friends’ attention through indifference.

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2. People who have been subjected to cold violence easy to have blowing hot and cold psychology

It is worth mentioning that the perpetrators of cold violence often have the experience of cold violence, even cold violence from early native families. They feel angry and helpless after cold violence, but they learn such a way.

When they encounter the same problems in the future, they will use indifference to avoid confrontation, so as to protect themselves.

Because of this, so many people feel that the friendship between girls is always very fragile. But we also believe that if we can, it is estimated that many people are not willing to end a once beautiful friendship in this way, nor are they willing to be unable to move forward because of these cold violence.

3. Blowing hot and cold psychology– Ways to get rid of it

1. Accept all the possibilities of the relationship, in blowing hot and cold psychology

You must be very concerned about this feeling and have made enough efforts, but since you can’t change it, it’s better to accept it as it is now.

Friendship has a lifelong influence on us, but every friendship is staged. We will meet all kinds of people at different times, and there will always be people who stay and people who leave.

No matter how your relationship is now, the friendship that used to be is precious. It’s better to accept all the appearances of a relationship. It has both intimacy and alienation.

What’s more, the way this relationship is now doesn’t define your future. No matter whether your former friends are still around, you are worthy of the most sincere friendship in the future.

2. Accept yourself in blowing hot and cold psychology

No matter what the other party’s response is, please stop blaming and shame. After all, the beginning and end of a friendship will not be decided by someone or a mistake. Don’t feel that you have caused the damage to the relationship.

Accept a true self, sad words cry out, angry words scold out. We can’t expect each other to love ourselves forever, but we can.

The above are the things about blowing hot and cold psychology. Emotional things are never one or two sentences can be said clearly. If you want someone to listen to your story, try to find your own soul mate in Latemeet . Here you can make more friends, relieve the depression in your heart, and add a little color to your life.

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