Ex Won’t Talk To Me After A Year

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Ex wont talk to me after a year. What should I do?

When we go to win back love, one of the most fearful situations we encounter is that our ex does not return messages.

Today and you share a few ways to help people who are experiencing this pain.

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Reinvent your own value.

Ex wont talk to me after a year. The recovery itself is the process of secondary attraction, and the value is the bargaining chip of secondary attraction. If after the breakup, our own value is not the slightest improvement, then how will the ex have the motivation to love again?

This is like you lost a cell phone, the phone is worth two thousand dollars, with more than a year, this time you will not tire of continuing to look for, or decisively give up to buy a new phone? I think many people will choose the latter.

But what if this phone has photos that you have treasured for years? This time, our motivation to get the phone back again will certainly be much greater.

So, how do we enhance our value?


Ex wont talk to me after a year. The simplest external image enhancement.

We can try some different dressing styles, learn more about skin care and makeup, go to the gym and do yoga to recreate a good body shape.

Ex wont talk to me after a year. There is also the internal improvement.

For example, change their own personality label, before their own personality may be a big grin, now you can try some gentle expression.

For example, learn some additional skills, such as flower arrangement, tea art, Go, etc., in such a way to cultivate their temperament.

As long as we have to change enough obvious and sufficient, the ex will naturally feel our value to improve, the recovery is also a matter of water.



Use the ex’s curiosity.

Why will the ex break up with you?

Ex wont talk to me after a year. Many people in the initiative to break up, the reason for the breakup is simply four words: no feeling. So, what is this feeling, how to say no on it? In fact, the so-called feeling, is the former curiosity and desire to explore us.

The reason why two people will break up, is because of each other in the time together too long, the former too much understanding of us, and even a glance to see us through, so there is bound to us will not have any expectations.

So if we want our ex to take the initiative to mention the compound, the most critical thing is to re-engage his curiosity and mobilize his appetite.

How to do this? In fact, it can be done in two steps.

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1. Increase the sense of strangeness – Ex wont talk to me after a year

Ex wont talk to me after a year. The so-called increase in unfamiliarity, is that we have to find ways to make our ex feel that we have become different from before.

For example, before you are the kind of quiet personality, now you can send some Karaoke with friends in the circle of friends, playing a very high photo.

For example, before you are not so focused on dressing, dressing style is also more monotonous and conservative, now you can try some sexy and hot dress.

In short, we have to go against our own habits and constantly break our ex’s perception of us. This way he will unconsciously devote more energy to us.


2. Create a sense of loss of control – Ex wont talk to me after a year

Ex wont talk to me after a year. If your ex is curious, take the initiative to contact us. This time must pay attention to, this does not mean that the ex wants to return, just to test our falsehoods. This time we have to do is to keep breaking his expectations, so as to create a sense of loss of control for him.

For example, he thinks we will be impatient to contact him, but we prefer not to do so.

For example, you were the one who was looking for topics to talk about, but now you can become cooler and leave the task of finding topics to him, while actively cutting off the conversation when it comes to the key points.

After such an operation, the ex will feel as if we have become different, no longer the person he could see through at a glance. Then he will reconsider this relationship with you.


3. Become different – Ex wont talk to me after a year

You should never be on call, you have your own life and you are separated. Don’t get your hopes up that “your ex will contact you”, do what you like, and you’ll see a miracle happen when you stop waiting. When he finds out that you are no longer as docile as you used to be and he finds out that he has lost control of you, he will panic and will come to you. Your ex has realized that you love him and it’s hard to get him to fall in love with you again because he knows you’ll be waiting for him and people only want what they don’t have, so make yourself more attractive to him, not just in the “I miss you” way.


4. Build confidence – Ex wont talk to me after a year

Ex wont talk to me after a year. Take this opportunity to really invest in yourself and try to love yourself. The stronger your self-confidence, the better prepared you will be for a healthy and lasting relationship. Remind yourself of your strengths and talents every day and celebrate every accomplishment you achieve, no matter how small it may be. If you have a hard time recognizing your strengths, talk to your friends and loved ones, ask them to share with you what they consider to be your most positive qualities, try to be grateful for what you have, and in general learn to reduce stress and live a healthier life.

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