How To Create Sexual Tension Over Text

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How to create sexual tension over text? A normal adult man or woman, by the more intense sexual stimulation, will not be able to help but appear sexual desire, sexual excitement, accumulated to a certain extent, will be eager to make sexual contact, in order to obtain the release of sexual energy, so that the body and mind relaxed down.

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This kind of physical and mental state triggered by visual, auditory, tactile or civil fantasy, that is called “sexual tension”.


How to create sexual tension over text? Human sexual tension response is the product of the synergistic effect of biological, psychological and social factors. From a longitudinal point of view, in a person’s life, men in adolescence after the maturity of sexual development sexual tension reaction is the most intense, the most frequent; women are in about 35 years old, sexual tension reaction gradually enhanced to reach the sexual peak. In the past, the company’s business has been very successful, and the company’s business has been very successful.


How to create sexual tension over text? Women usually have a strong sexual tension response during the middle of the menstrual cycle, when the follicles are mature, estrogen secretion increases, and the vestibular gland and vagina secrete a lot during ovulation, and they easily reach orgasm.

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How to create sexual tension over text? Sexual tension is influenced by the social environment as well as by the psychological quality, ideology and morality of the individual. The poor psychological quality, weak will, the legal concept is weak people, the sexual stimulation of the surrounding environment is easy to produce a strong sexual tension reaction, may lead to some sexual transgressions occur.


How to create sexual tension over text? Practice has proved that people in the summer, thin clothing, naked body, sexy, sexual harassment, adultery, rape and other sexual crimes in the wrong case, pornography and pornographic places, is often the key stimulus to provoke sexual tension reactions, so that some people on the sudden sexual impulse to lose control of reason, so that the development of socially unethical thoughts, feelings, and even make illegal and disorderly things.

How to create sexual tension over text? The ultimate way out of sexual tension is catharsis, is the release of sexual energy. But human sexual desire and other instinctive desires such as appetite, there are clearly different characteristics. After the social civilization and culture of human tension, can be cleverly harnessed by reason, when the environment does not allow its catharsis, can be a longer delayed release, or climb on other social goals, sublimated as a source of creation.


How to create sexual tension over text?

1. Wedding night

Reason to commemorate: This day is the most beautiful day for her and she will feel safe with her husband.

How to create sexual tension over text? Try this tonight: even if you spent your honeymoon 12 years ago too. In the morning write a sexy message on her is body with a ballpoint pen, because women are easily turned on by words. It’s best to let her see it a few hours later, then she’ll have time to fantasize about it. When she comes home, try to treat her differently than before, such as just kissing her gently on the cheek or on the neck.

2. Business trip

Reason to remember: Ever feel the most romantic when you come back from a business trip for your intimacy? Watch a romantic adult movie and be sweet again.

How to create sexual tension over text? Try this tonight: Whether you’re out for eight days or eight minutes, go imitate that passion by gently kissing him all over the face.

3. Quarrel

Reason for remembrance: You yell and scream and fight and maybe break some plates. Maybe the bedroom will be more intense. Because people’s testosterone increases on both sides when they’re angry, the desire will be higher if they go into the bedroom with this high level of testosterone and anger.

How to create sexual tension over text? Try this tonight: You can create a heated argument, but don’t really hurt each other. Maybe you can also try a physical encounter, like a pillow fight or naked wrestling, but remember to let her win.

4. Birthdays

Reason for commemoration: You always think about what kind of gift or surprise she will give you on your birthday, maybe a different kind of couple life is the best gift.

How to create sexual tension over text? Try this tonight: Tell her you’re taking her somewhere mysterious and ask her if you can leave her panties at home. Take her somewhere with Latin music, because Latin dancing makes it very sexy. When you get home, you can present her with your perfect gift: to engage all the senses and give her an orgasm like never before.

5. The first time with her

Reasons to remember: Since it is the first time, all your senses will be mobilized. And since every man has his own set of sexual flow, but when that flow changes, they get more excited with a new girlfriend.

How to create sexual tension over text? Try this tonight: Maybe tonight isn’t your first time, but the key is that you engage all the senses, or at least stimulate them in a different way.

6. Holidays

Reasons to remember: First of all you don’t have the pressure from all sides, such as work, money and other things. And because the change of surroundings will add to the atmosphere.

How to create sexual tension over text? Try this tonight: from the simple luxury that you can be on vacation every day. Sleep upside down, put your feet up to the pillows or turn the bed the other way. Even such small changes will give you all extra excitement.

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