Five Relationships From Sex

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Five relationships: From five kinds of sex to five kinds of intimacy, the sexual fetish of the process of sex has a lot to do with psychology, so that we can better understand ourselves, each other and the relationship between the two.

In the field of sexology, sex is accepted as long as it is “not against the law” and “not harmful” to the “adults” of ourselves and each other, and “agreed upon by both parties”. According to the above rules, sexual fetishes are only sexual preferences.

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Five kinds of sex, five kinds of relationship

1. Masochism – Five relationships

5 relationships of confucianism: The boyfriend, out of love, tries to satisfy his girlfriend’s desire to experience being dominated. The definition of a sexual fetish is actually very personal, and is usually defined as “something we don’t do when it comes to sex. . In more vernacular terms, it refers to specific sexual preferences outside of most commonly recognized sexual behaviors, such as stocking stuffing, voyeurism, secretions, etc. The girlfriend’s desire to experience the feeling of being dominated is a sexual preference.

The five relationships: In this relationship, the boyfriend carefully planned the scene, hoping to fulfill his girlfriend’s wish through this, even if the final result is unexpected, love has been in action speaks for itself.

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2. Role control – Five relationships

5 relationships of confucianism: Doctors recommend role-playing to bring new meaning to a dead sex life, but to discover the husband’s forgotten self.

Role-playing is common in real sex, such as some people prefer to be a brutal and hard dominant king, showing conquest, sadistic scenarios; others want to be treated gently as the girl next door, longing for the intimacy of romance. However, if not built on good emotional communication and interaction, it will fall into when your whip on her soft skin, although you feel very cool, but she will want to call you slap the dilemma, not only the play can not go on, sex life is also gone.

The five relationships: The role-playing game in the film “Love Love Little Sex” worked at first, but in the husband’s forgetful self-guided performance, and finally let his wife leave in protest.


3. Tears control – Five relationships

Five relationships: Desperate to be a man became the main purpose of the couple in the sexual act, according to the table drill, so that the wife for sex is only perfunctory, until one day found that her husband’s tears can be aroused her sexual desire.

In real life, there is no shortage of cases where people come to counseling for fertility problems. In addition to the physical problems of both parties, such as low sperm count, weak sperm motility, abnormal ovulation, etc., because of unsuccessful intercourse or just for the sake of having children, all of them can reflect the situation of the individual or the relationship. The five relationships: In the film, the husband’s tears for the wife is only an outlet for lust, in fact, to discuss is: before being a human being, to know how to make love.


4. Sleeping control – Five relationships

Five relationships: The strong wife, so that the husband can not ignite sexual desire, sleeping wife can relive the past happy time.

Perhaps the movie exaggerated the effect of the drama, but in the process of clinical counseling, I heard many cases say: “Teacher, you know what? She really looks like an angel when she sleeps, it makes me feel so much. I feel so much. Five relationships: The most common sexual problem that men encounter in these cases is “psychogenic impotence”, which is not a problem for them, but as long as they face their wives, they can’t get hard, so it’s no wonder that they need their wives to sleep in order to do it, which then becomes a sexual preference.


5. Electric love control – Five relationships

Monica, who is engaged in a job as a telephone interpreter for the deaf, received a video call from Sam one night, telling her to call an adult hotline, and under the body language of crying and laughing, a new relationship actually developed.

Five relationships: Some people like to use sounds, body language, fantasy, and role play to achieve sexual satisfaction. Electric sex is only one form, if it is limited to hiding behind the phone or screen, it is easy to prevent the development of the relationship because you can not contact with people face to face, you need to understand. Because the first step to real sex is open trust, not hiding behind these platforms.

The five relationships: In sexual fetishes, we see the results in the relationship.

The seemingly different sexual fetishes in “Love Sex” actually describe the relationship we see through the “sexual” interaction. We often say that “sex is just a result”, and this is also true in sexual fetishes, where we can understand ourselves, each other and the relationship between them.

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