35 Loving You Letter For Her

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What are the loving you letter for her? If you love someone, you should try your best to let them know. I still like you very much, like a whale sinking on the bottom of the sea, breathing gently, crazy and angry. I believe that no one will resist such love. The following are the letter of love to my boyfriend, you can send these good morning love letters for her.

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35 loving you letter for her

1. I want to travel all over the world, thousands of mountains are you, thousands of rivers are you; It’s you to go, it’s you to return.

2. There are two wishes in this life: you are by your side, by your side.

3. I hope you can go back to our own home together instead of sending me home.

4. However, a meeting, just a careless will remember you, eyes follow you, sad or happy want to tell you.

5. It’s too good not to be with others in the future. I’ll be jealous, stamp my feet, and roll on the ground for you to hold.

Loving you letter for her

6. Later, I thought that if I don’t delay you, there will be others to delay you. I’m not reconciled. I’d better delay you.

7. The world is so big, and the place where I really want to stay is by your side.

8. Even if Acacia bone, even if doomed, I also treat you as before, years as before.

9. Accompany you to boil the years into sake, accompany you to boil the lonely night into tenderness; You are drunk in my arms, you wake up in my pillow.

10. There is nothing else to be happy with white tea, but tenderness to the one you love.

Loving you letter for her

11. I used to think that I was free, at least no one can subdue me in this life. After meeting you, I don’t want freedom and ambition, I only want you.

12. There will be people who love you, love your greed, love your stubbornness, love your unwillingness, love your shameless, such as me.

13. If I can be with you, I would rather let all the stars in the sky fall, because your eyes are the brightest light in my life.

14. Don’t chase the bus. Chase me. I’m slow and a little cute.

15. You are like a leafy tree in my heart, staying in the best time, flowering and fruiting are not its destiny, only evergreen.

Loving you letter for her

16. In fact, I like boys who can act coquettishly, who can’t smoke and drink, who can draw, who can play basketball well, and who can cook. But if it’s you, nothing will do.

17. Come on, don’t say it. Knowing you love me, I will be responsible for you.

18. I don’t think it’s suitable for us to be close friends. It’s more suitable for eternity.

19. I think my spine is a little bent, so that at the first moment I see you, my heart inclines to you.

20. The greatest luck in your life is to meet me, and the greatest misfortune is that no one loves you more than me.

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Loving you letter for her

21. The fate of the encounter, the dream of fantasy, read to, love to. It’s all you.

22. My life used to be lonely. I used to be in a sea of people, but I would rather be alone. Until I meet you.

23. Whether it’s a rabbit or you, I like it very much.

24. Originally, it was just in the wind, but it became a cluster of stars in the night sky.

25. I was so depressed before I met you, but when I met you, the world became so bright.

Loving you letter for her

26. No, it’s not an illusion. I believe that I can still fully accept him after I have a thorough understanding of him. It’s a long-time predestined encounter.

27. I call that name in my heart and return to the sunny world.

28. What was love before. The moment I met you, I found that I was born to meet you. I want to know more about you. The moment when I can’t see you, like the snowflakes that forget to melt, keeps piling up in my heart. Eager to meet the mood, like a raging flame, so that my heart burning more than. You may have already thrown the meeting behind you, but I can’t forget it.

29. I can’t adapt to life without you. However, if we get used to it in the future, we will feel a little uneasy.

Loving you letter for her

30. The days without you are flying by.

31. My heart is so small that I can only accommodate you.

32. The sweetest thing I can think of is to be loved by you every day I like you.

33. Recently, it is said that there is a rumor that I like you. I want to clarify that it is not a rumor.

34. I don’t believe in eternity, because I don’t know how long it is? I don’t believe forever, because I don’t know how long it is? I love you, then do not leave, such love is a lifetime.

35. I’ve never given up loving you, just changed from strong to silent.

The above are the loving you letter for her. You can send love letter to make her fall for you, if she see these i love you letter for her and long love letters for her from the heart, she will moved. Emotional things are never one or two sentences can be said clearly. If you want someone to listen to your story, try to find your own soul mate in Latemeet . Here you can make more friends, relieve the depression in your heart, and add a little color to your life.

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